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Wow was today a full day.  I spent the first part of the morning negotiating with the Renfe staff. The Renfe is the company that runs the train system.  They repeatedly told me that all of the trains to Grenada were full.  Finally after speaking with 3 different people I was able to get someone to arrange a transfer for me.  I canĀ“t believe it was that difficult, but fortunatly the trip will continue as planned.  I guess thereĀ“s something happening in Granada right now but I donĀ“t know what.  My train will now take me to Madrid at 11am tomorrow and from there IĀ“ll take another train to Grenanda arriving late, around 10pm I think.  ThatĀ“s okay because I ordered my Alhambra tickets for 5pm on the 28th so IĀ“ll have plenty of time. 

After the Renfe adventure I went to the beach.  The beach here is beautiful.  The sand is soft and  the boardwalk is great.  It is however pretty dirty.  Everyone here smokes and throws their butts on the ground so when you laydown on the sand youĀ“re staring at a butt.  Yuck.  Oh well it was still a good time. 

Tonight IĀ“m on a mission for paella because I havenĀ“t had but one bite of the paella in Madrid.  I think IĀ“ll probably have to order for two and eat as much as I can.  Since I had a hotdog about 4 hours ago I should be okay. 

I still canĀ“t find a place to upload pictures.  I think IĀ“m going to find somewhere to burn them onto a disk for me.  That will be good because then IĀ“ll have a backup and IĀ“ll be able to post from the disk. 

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photo by: spocklogic