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We'll not really shopping, I'm not a big spender.  This morning I woke up at 9 and then rolled over until 1030a and the made my way to the beach.  It was great.  The sand wasn't too hot and I laid there for an hour or so, reading, before getting into the water.  I only spent 2 hours there because I really don't want to get burned since I'm just barely over halfway through the trip.

Lately since Granada, and now Cadiz, aren' bit sightseeing places I have been doing a ton of reading.  I have finished the last part of the Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum.  Then I read Gates of Fire, a book a buddy loaned and recommended to me, by Steven Pressfield.  Today I finished the Bourne Supremacy and started the Bourne Identity today.  All of the books so far have been great.  The one I've been putting off, for no particular reason, is Don Quixote, which I've been wanting to read for several years and just haven't done it.  I think that if things continue as they have then I may be able to get through it.

Another reason that I've been reading so much is I think I've figured out why there are so many cafes in Spain.  Everyone just hangs out a bit between tasks.  So now I do the same thing.  I sit, order a drink, and read...then repeat.  It's a nice way to visit the town, read, and not be antisocial hiding in the room while on vacation. 

After the beach I took the bus to the far end of Cadiz and walked most of the way back.  I found another Corte Ingles, a department store.  There has been one in every town I´ve been in so far and it amazes me how big they are.  This one was 4 stories worth of shopping.  Wow.  I didn't buy anything because I'm a cheapo but it was neat to see all they offered. 

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photo by: Chiquitatina