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It was again very hot here, almost 100 deg F. but since it´s humid it feels a lot hotter.  I walk around just sweating.  

Today I woke late again.  It really wasn´t that late since I was up until almost 3am last night and a full 8 hours sleep would put me awake at 11a which was when I woke.  It felt later though because everyone in my room was gone or leaving when I finally rolled out of bed. 

I first went to KFC, just to see what it was like since I´ll have all month to eat more traditional food.  It wasn´t bad but out of the 11 herbs and spices I think they forgot 5 and they didn´t have any tabasco sauce to go with it.  It was a bit tough ordering because the menus were in catalan, not castillian spanish, so even though I do well in spanish I was unable to understand much of what was written. 

From KFC I went to the beach.  It was nice...but again really hot.  The water was wonderful.  Some of the females were topless too so that was a plus.  I think I almost burned my feet on the sand.  I had to stop every few feet to stand on my towel to cool them down before I moved on.

From there I went to the zoo.  The zoo here is great.  See my review so I don´t have to type everything twice. 

When I left the zoo it was abotu 5:30pm so I just strolled around the park a bit and then returned to the hostel where I bumped into the canadians.  After I showered I met them for tapas and sangria.  The sangria was sweet, I´m not a big fan of it this way.  I like the way I saw it on television and how one of the canadians described it.  Wine, fruit, some brandy, and that´s it.  I´m sure that sangria is like most drinks where there are a ton of recipies.  Eitherway I think they put suger or a suger syrup in it and I didn´t like that much. 

We stayed there for 3 or 4 hours just talking after dinner.  It was really nice.  The topic went to politics a bit and I found that we were generally of similar opinions of the issues, it was the solution to the issues where we differed.  It was refreshing to hear an outsider´s point of view.

I´ve got one more day here and then on Monday I´ll be going to Valencia.  I´m excited about this.  Tomorrow I´ll probably check out a big park here and then also go to a few musuems then call it a day.

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