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Note to self and all others:

Drive on a minivan from LP to VV will make you puke. This is when that medication for motion sickeness should be eaten like a candy and you thank yourself for not forgetting it at the local drugstore back home.

The drive from Luang prabang to Vang Vieng is notorious for its zig zags. The drivers, either on a bus, donkey, bike, bicycle or mini van will drive like the cliffs are non-existing and they are on a F1 race. No joke, wings are non complimentary to the automobile in case of accident also. Even though the main road has just been repaved (man, cannot imagine what is was before), no matter what, push the old lady out of the front seat and try to sleep. I have to say though, all drugged up the view was by far one of the most amazing I have ever seen driving in SEA. Heavely drugged, I could barely see straught but I decided that if ëveryone"tells me that no matter what transport method, 4 out of 8 will vomit, after 3 nights of hugging the toilet in LP, I did not want to risk it and add it to my diarhea (this word is not gross anymore once you start travelling in SEA, it actually becomes a common part of your daily frases and conversation).

True fact: as we passed a bus, a piece of vomit almost hit my open window from the bus in front of us.

Nevertheless, it is an amazing drive, the most beautifullandscape. It all depends on your stomach and will to hold it up.

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Vang Vieng
photo by: razorriome