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As wrong as it seems to want days to pass away, I cannot wait to  arrive in Thailand and start this trip.
I know I am supposed to enjoy each day as it comes but common! Working in a shit-life succulent corporate job does not make things easier..
Trying to make plans now. As my mind changes with my decision each minute, so far I am pretty sure that going to Laos might be the best experience instead of laying on a white sandy beach...
Okay: being lazy, getting sunshine, jumping in warm crystaline water vs. Laos. far going for Laos. Heard amazing things.
Planning a trip is hard...I forgot how with such little time we really need to make the best of it! I think the hardest part is being sure you get the right advice. So far so good. Anyways, who cares, it will be great, right?
I feel weird that people keep giving me this weird look when I tell them I am doing all this alone. Shit, its traveling. I guess in this country, people even feel weird when going to the movies or eating alone. I guess they have never traveled. Coming from Brazil , little things as having your guard up does not intimidate me. Then, I know for a fact that meeting people will not be a problem...Plus, just found out my friend Laura will actually be coming with. Weeeeeeeee!
Fhewww...I guess I am just purging out some thoughts right now as I end my 12 hours work day.
Get it straight people: architects work way too hard and get paid like crap.

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