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I always intended to write about my travels and share advice and singihts to others.

Well, that never happened.

As I look back, it has not even beem more than a couple of months since I returned.

I planned the entire trip before I left. Every detail that i could possibly take care in advance was looked upon. I was taking a month of from work and wanted to see, do and enjoy everything to its fullest. Travelling before to South Eas Asia I knew how long things took to happen (bus, planes, rides...) and especially going during high season most of the prime spots would be completly packed. I did not want to take chances.

So I ran, back and forth, saw it all, got a stomach flu, took tons of pics, met incredible people. Towards the end I took a deep breath. I had two more weeks left and that part of the trip was not planned. I did not know where to go, what to do. Borneo? Burma? Maybe go back to Ton Sai and just climb?

For the whole part of the trip is was more than amazing. Thailand (Bankok, Chiang Mai into Laos), Laos (Huay Xai, Bokeo, Luang Prabang, Luam Nam Tha...), Cambodia (Phenon Pehn and Ankor) were more than beautiful but I never felt amazed, out of my shoes, completing excited that tears would come out of my eyes. That is a big statement to say. When do we get to the point that a place feels just like a place? Where is the sense of suprise and monumental emotions that overcome you with happiness when you arrive? I could not feel it. Everything was new, beautiful but for the most part my mind felt crowded and the place, was just another place. I did not feel in the moment.

So I found myself back in bankok not knowing where to go. It was pouring at Borneo and my visa to Burma would take weeks. Plus, just mentioning Burma to my parents would make my mom cry over the phone.

Ton Sai, I said. I've been there, it is great and all I can do is nothing and just climb. Screw running around, why not just hit the beach and be somewhere I know it would be great?! Took the bus to Phuket.

As I arrived at Ton Sai I was kinda of disgusted. It was dirtier than I remembered, crowded and extremelly expensive. So expensive that Railay was not even an option to consider for my stay. Ill give it a chance though.

Days went by and slowly I became part of  the wonderful Ton Sai community. Not having what to do, what to worry about started to clear my mind. I had the same place everyday, the same room, the same breakfast and new friends. I knew where to go and Ton Sai was becoming home. Towards my last days, I found myself in the awe that I was searching. Saying goodbye to a dear person that I met I walked to wards the beach to the beautiful sound of the Ektar. David was sitting by the slack bar, meditating and playing. We sat, sang and talked. The warm breeze hit my face and I looked around me. A full sense of inner peace, completness and presence was felt. I was contempt, I was finally reaching the happiness that I sought for so long. That feeling took over me and I just smile. It is moments like this that I search for all my life and there it was.

Good energy withing attracts good energy. We all need to keep an open heart and give ourselves time to look around and breath. Planning it all was great and allowed me to see and do all I wanted. But when searching for that inner revelation and calmness, we just need to sit down, look aorund and give ourselves time to enjoy.

From there, I joined David to Koh Yao Noi, the msot magical place Ive been in Thailand. I like to think that it is good to leave somwhere when we are at our highest point. So it was time to leave Ton Sai. I was looking for a place to contemplate, to think. Yao Noi was perfect. The vibe, the people...just arriving there was so refreshing that I felt like a cloud was taken away from my mind.


End of the story

Returning back to SF was difficult but I was happy. Although I got laid off the day that I returned (yes, that sucked balls), three weekes later I still found myself in long oversea calls with the man I met in Ton Sai. One day I simply picked up the phone and booked a flight. In less than a month I was out again, this time to Europe. My 10 day trip become almost two months and now I am making my plans to return for good.

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