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This island really is a little gem.  It is located about 18km from Sanur off the coast of Bali and has about 7000 inhabitants. We wasnt planning on going here but as we couldnt get a flight to Lombok (it being independance day)we decided to spend a few days here instead. We did consider going to Lombok on the boat but me and my travelbuddy are both extremely seasick. Unfortunately the only way to get to Lembongan is by boat, but if you travel on one of the scoot boats it only takes half an hour. Lou and i thought we could manage that. On the way out the journey was quite smooth and we actually quite enjoyed it. The journey back is a completely different story altogether! put it this way, the sea was pretty rough to say the least, and poor lou who was just recovering from her second bout of bali belly managed to hold it down right up until the boat docked, luckily i had mentioned before we left to pack a plastic bag, (just in case!) there were a few other greenish faces on board, mine being one of them.

 Anyway, going back to Lembongan, it was a real treat! we were based in Kuta, Bali so Lembongan was sort of like a mini retreat for us, a place to watch the clouds change colour, watch the world go by and not really much else, and that is exactly what we did. After being turned away from Pondok Buruna (the place we had booked to stay) we were forced to stay at the mandara beach bungalows, pretty on the outside, not so pretty on the inside (outdoor saltwater shower,a bedsheet that was actually a tea towel, bug splattered walls!) but dya know what, it didnt matter. I would have quite happily stayed on the beach for the views across to the volcano in bali. The memories i have are of Lembongan are of the tiny old men on there tiny boats farming seaweed and the tiny ladies carrying huge loads of seaweed in baskets on their heads, always remaining meticulously elegant and never faltering. Everynight you will see a tiny figures making there way to the shore to give offerings to the gods, they even blessed our boat before our return journey. It is amazing how the simplicity of these gestures allow us to see how kind and peaceful they are as a race. i wish i could say the same for the dogs! whist lou was ill in bed i decided to go and explore the island myself , on the way to the mangrooves i was met by a mangy dog who thought it would be a good idea to terrorise me by chasing me up the beach! i was so shaken by this experience i ended up getting a bit lost. i am so glad that i did, i met some lovely villagers who helped me find my way back to the beach bungalow, and the beautiful children of the village greeted me with warm smiles and kindness. I got to pass through the forest paths where little huts would emerge every now and again, it was a great experience.

Later that night i went out alone to grab some food, as lou was still a bit sick. When i sat down to eat my food, a few of the villagers spotted me (and probably felt a bit sorry for me!) and invited me to eat with them, we could hardly communicate but somehow that didnt really matter. They gave me some traditional homemade balinese booze (cant remember the name of it now) which was great, something other than Bintang for a change! Any way i had a real blast that night, i was really sorry to be leaving that beautiful island the next day. The people of Bali and Lembongan are a wonderful race and there is much to be learnt from them, they are peacful in their actions and generous in their hearts.  i will always remember and treasure my memories of Nusa Lembongan. The place is pure medicine for the soul, a place to find absolute tranquility.

pusingabis says:
It's a lovely story... You hit a few things that brought a big smile filled with warm nostalgia - the unfriendly stray dogs, "bintang" beer, remarkably selfless ppl in village :) I am glad that you had a wonderful visit there, and thanks for your kind words about Balinese :) and yes we make our own version of moonshine too :) it's called Arak Madu, made of distilled coconut and rice.
Posted on: Jan 09, 2008
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Nusa Lembongan
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