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Got up and went to a cafe for lunch. The guys shared a pizza and I had a milanesa that was huge! My lunch with papas fritas (french fries) came to 6.50 pesos (about $2.10) After lunch we walked around a street market, where I found some llama gloves and socks which are very warm! We came back to th hostel to drop off the excess food and went to the hospital to try to get Justin some malaria prophylaxis medication. We decided to try to get them at a pharmacy since the hospital was #1) scary. #2) had a long line. The hospital had no real receptionist, just someone who came out of a back room and pointed you towards the examination area. The ceilings were very tall, and the paint was peeling off the walls. The waiting area consisted of what looked like park benches and the line was over 10 people deep. There were no computers in sight and a sign on the wall that asked you to help keep your hospital clean in Spanish. I am very glad I have a medical emergency evacuation plan. We continued on to the shopping district, where all the supermercados (super markets) and other shops are located. Weird, because it was named Calle Florida, just like it was in Buenos. Our hostel manager told us that all streets in Argentina are named the same and of course we saw another 9 de Julio and other repeats. Got a very good idea of the colonial roots of Salta and Latin america in general today. I have been told that only in N. Argentina do the colonial remnants remain as everywhere else destroyed them after Spanish rule ended. All the buildings are white with the spanish tiled roofs. We then went to a natural history museum that was close to the plaza de San Martin-a cool park with a mote in the middle where you can rent boats and paddle around under the lush canopied of palm. A water fountain also sprays up to make a pretty picture, but OJO..muy peligroso (watch out..very dangerous) at night. We then booked it to the mall, where Justin went to see the Davinchi Code. Justins movied didn´t start for awhile, so we went to an indoor carnival, where we rode bumper cars. Eric and I went back to the hostel, but on our way we stopped for some ice cream. Back at the hostel, nobody was around, so we pulled out our leftovers from lunch, which someone had helped themselves to. After our dinner, we decided to read until Justin got back, or something was going on. Around midnight, we joined the Israeli´s and taught them the american game of Beirut, which they loved!!! The policia came because we were making so much noise, so everyone started getting ready to leave for the discotech, but we decided not to go. Our rental car was coming at 9:00 am and it was already 3:30.
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photo by: wvijvers