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Klagenfurt is not a good Sunday city to stop in.  Nothing is open, nothing is available to do...just mountains everywhere...oh yeah, those are kinda cool.  Just kinda out of it after that bus ride.  The rooms, however, I will talk about.  So, we're all supposed to be equal right?  Someone has a deluxe suite with a wrap-around balcony and a 'waiting room,' another has a balcony and sweet bathroom, and evern another has a room big enough to fit an elephant into.  And we're supposed to have the same rooms?  I have to walk out of the toilet room and into the shower room to wash my hands.  WTF?  There is a phone right next to me on the desk, one in the toilet room, and one in the shower room.  I mean, do that many Austrians talk to people in the shower?  Our welcome dinner was strangley familiar...same meal basically...pork, vegetables, potatoes.  These Austrians sure know the group meal of choice, haha.  There are also speakers in the bathroom for the TV or stereo...your preference.  The window is big enough to throw a small gorilla out of, the air conditioner costs 3 euros, and the internet (which I'm paying for right now), costs 18 euros for 24 hours.  Crazy!  Austria makes sure they get their money's worth when a traveler comes to town.  Nonetheless...this is the perfect setting for 'The Sound of Music.' 

Whether or not these hills are alive, I don't feel to alive anymore.  Goodnight...and thanks for reading.

Next stop:  Florence, Italy.    Bruschetta, here I come!  :)

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photo by: oceanroses