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What is this place?  What am I doing here?  This beautiful shire of a city, city of a shire...Oxford.  I've been here for two weeks now, and it feels like a dream.  I woke up, my first morning here, to the sound of ducks conversing outside my window.  5 of them, to be exact.  They're the 5 campus ducks of Worcester College...so I've named them.  Frankie, Robert, Freda, Keira (naturally, there's a beautiful duck), and Alfred.  They walk funny and expect you to have food...even when you're sleeping.  And then there are birds that make me think I'm in Jurassic Park.  Along with the fanciful landscape everywhere, these birds walk like miniature velociraptors, making me think I should walk around with a shotgun.  And the grass....oh, the grass.  You can walk all over it, do whatever you want to it...except the Main Quad.  Touch that square of land, and you die.  Literally, there are rifleman waiting to shoot the first unfortunate soul...but not really.  the grass is immaculate...but I've seen far more of the same stuff at Augusta National.  Oh well...they love that patch of green.

Classes absolutely stink in England.  They're not meant to happen.  It's a unique, seemingly reasonable system they've set up, but it doesn't work.  Go to class four days, where we're supposed to 'work hard' so we can have three days of weekend to 'play hard.'.  Nope, doesn't work that way.  I've never wanted to take classes so little in my life.  this is absurd.  Granted, my medieval England class is gerat because I'm learning about what I'm seeing.  Never, though, never, am I supposed to write an essay about William the Conqueror in a place he's ruled!!!!!  Never!  Class in Oxford = no good.  I want to explore, not solve differential equations.  I swear, for 1 hour and 40 minutes that I'm in the lecture room at Worcester, I feel like I'm back at Tech in one of the classrooms.  It's the worst feeling I've felt since I got here....to Europe. 

Oxford is a great city.  Definitely a college city.  Reminds me a little of Athens, a little of Tech, nothing of the U.S. though if you look close enough.  HMV, Virgin, Boots, Caphone Warehouse, Sainsbury's...typical streetside shopping.  Crazy peddlers trying to raise a pound or two, backdropped by beautiful medieval architecture everywhere you look.

Oxford is lovely.  Definitely a 'place worth a visit' in England.  However, as bad as classes are, I'm loving my 3 day weekends...
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photo by: petit_gooroo