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I love the Pope and I'm not even Catholic.  Yeah, the Vatican Museum was awesome...Sistine Chapel, Raphael's 'School of Athens', and Laocoon....but the  That guy has a following.  I mean...a huge following.  Our group was supposed to visit St. Peter's Basilica today...yeah, that didn't happen.  Around 12-12:30, St. Peter's Square was quickly blocking off.  The Pope was coming...and it seemed like everyone knew about it.  People came from everywhere!  Tour groups, religious groups, posses, groupies, druggies, hippies, pagans, Christians, Jews, dogs, cats, wind, street peddlers...everyone came to see the Pope!  And I saw him!  From afar...but I saw him!!!  It was an amazing site to see...clearly one of those spectacles you only dream about.  I would've peed my pants if I were Catholic.  Seriously...amazing. 

We did get to see the Pantheon and the Spanish Steps near Piazza Spagna, but that didn't compare to the Pope!  For one guy to have such a following...I still can't get over that.  Let's see President Bush have that happen....oh  And it's not so much him, but what he represents.  Catholicism as a whole!  Wow!

I posted more pics on facebook from have a look!  Until next time...I'm thinking...the wet streets of Venice???   Ciao!   Thank God for the Pope!

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Vatican City
photo by: maryanntravel