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I believe most of you never know there is a country named Palau (in Palauan language called, “Belau” but officially Republic of Palau) in this whole earth. Located 800 kilometers from East Philippines, Palau is known as one of the most beautiful islands in Micronesia, and the world. Unfortunately, Palau is not as famous as Maldives, Tahiti, Fiji or other islands. However, it is still a recommended amazing tourism destination for beach and ocean lovers. Most of tourists come to Palau are divers because Palau is a Diving paradise for Diving freaks!



As it is called, Rock Islands are collection of rounded coral islands raised up from the reef that seems to float above the surface of the water. Most of them are topped with vegetation which makes them look like mushroom.  Some of them are small, but many of them are large and have beautiful sandy white beaches decorated with water lily flowers to rest and relax even for overnight stay. The famous beaches around the islands are Ngermeaus Island, Fantasy Island, Ngemelis Island and Ulong Island. An island hopping trip through the islands is extraordinary!



The real attraction of Palau is the below water’s surface. The underwater world of Palau is fantastic. You do not have to be a certified diver to enjoy its beauty. Crystal clear water helps you to view the beautiful soft corals, colorful small fishes and spectacular reefs. When you are lucky, you could see sharks, napoleon wrasse and turtle from far away. Neat?



If snorkeling is that amazing, what about diving? A mixture of tropical fishes with warm water is appealing for divers. Most Wanted Diving Spot in Palau is Blue Corner. When the sky is clear and tide is high, more than 100 divers could dive in this place. Wondering why? Two things that make this place very famous; first, you are challenged to dive in the strong current. Second, you are tested to dive with school of sharks!! Imagine there are 10 sharks swimming around you? Not to count some of nursing sharks that sleep on the bottom! However, do not be afraid because these sharks are used to the presence of the divers, so they would never attack you. Not everyday you could have this experience, diving with school of friendly sharks!

Tips: never forget to bring your reef hook so you can hold on to the reef wall to enjoy the sharks show. 


Another well-known dive spots in Palau is German Channel. In olden times, Germany completed this channel to help the boat travel through the barrier reef in Southern Palau without having to be trapped by the reefs. What you can find in German Channel is Manta Ray and Spotted Eagle Ray. Camouflaged Sting Ray also easily found here. Palau’s diving is famed for its wall or drop-off diving. You should dive in Big Drop-Off, New Drop-Off, Blue Hole, Siaes Tunnel, Turtle Cove and Ulong Channel. In those spots you can have beautiful scenery of various soft corals, colorful anemones, and school of barracuda, napoleon wrasse, giant clams and turtles! Guarantee you will have an unforgettable diving experience in your life!



Jellyfish Lake is another of Palau’s charming sites. Even the location is a bit isolated from the Rock Islands; it is a must to visit this place. Hmm, I think I can read you mind. You don’t want to have itchiness and rashes from touching jellyfish, do you? Well, relax guys. That’s why Jellyfish Lake is so unique because this lake has thousands (or millions) of sting less jellyfish! They developed their symbiosis with photosynthetic algae.   So, can you imagine indulging yourself swimming, snorkeling or even diving with millions of jellyfish?? It’s breathtaking!



It is named Milky Way because the color of the water in this place looks like milk.  This happened because the bottom of this place contain of natural mud sulfur which has white milk color. What you need to do is only getting the mud sulfur and rubs it on your skin. Wait until it’s dry and you can jump into the water to clean up your body. It seems very simple but as a result, you can find your skin smoother and cleaner than before. People believe that the mud sulfur can help to reduce the sunburn effect on your skin. For you who love to have skin treatment in a natural SPA, this is the right place for you.


For your reference, you don’t need a Visa to go to Palau. As soon as you arrive in Palau, you can contact local tour agent such as Sam’s Tour, Neco Marine, Fish and Fins, Jive to plan your trip to the Rock Islands. Things to bring are bathing suit, sunglasses, sunscreen and beach towel! With those items, I believe you can survive and enjoy your stay in Palau! Have fun!

scubagirl76 says:
Judging from the pictures, it looks and sounds amazing! I definatly put it on my list of must dive places. thanks!
Posted on: Oct 21, 2007
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