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August 4, 2005.
Friday evening at Surangel’s dock

It was drizzling and windy when we departed from the dock. Regardless of the bad weather, everyone was so excited to go to Ngemelis Island, where we would spend our weekend. We got scared with the big waves along the way to go to the island. Kind of embarrassed to tell you that we were lost in the middle of nowhere that night. The local friends who came with us tried so hard to find the island. Eventually, after 3 hours they found the island and all of us arrived safely in a beautiful island of Ngemelis.

We had a great dinner and celebrated the 5th anniversary for Eric and Joy. We enjoyed the night by singing, telling jokes and played cards. But, I decided to sleep early because my week had been very hectic and I was very tired. I slept like a baby, safe and sound.

August 5, 2005.
Saturday morning in Ngemelis Island

I woke up early in the morning and took some pictures of the sunrise. It was a beautiful morning. The sand, water, breeze and the weather, everything was perfect. I spent time with God that morning, thanking God for His marvelous creation and I felt spiritually refreshed. Afterwards, all of us went swimming and played water volleyball. Some girls were preparing the breakfast while the guys were playing volleyball. Since I’m not into cooking, I played with my two little fellows, Ksau and Miguel in the water.

After breakfast all of us got into the boat and we strolled around the island. We saw a stingray, which was so cool! We stopped for snorkeling in Ngemelis wall. The underwater view was awesome! The fishes and the corals were stunning! We only spent about 20 minutes because the current was very strong and it was very cloudy. On the way back to Ngemelis, the rain started. We experienced the big rain and strong wind. Eric, the captain of our boat decided to avoid the storm by stopped in a small island where you can find “the softest sand in the world.” The island was nice, which you can find the sand dollars everywhere and gorgeous water lilies.

When the rain stopped, we left the island and heading back to Ngemelis. All the girls got off from the boat to prepare the lunch, but I stayed in the boat and we went to the channel near Ngemelis. Eric, Noro, Kenneth and I hiked to a small hill and swung on the big robe then jumped into the water! NEAT! First time I got scared to try because it was kind of high place but Noro and Eric never stopped encouraging me to try. Well, it was worth trying. I had fun!

Still August 5, 2005.
Saturday afternoon and evening in Ngemelis Island

We got back to Ngemelis and lunch was ready. After lunch, the group walked around and explored the island. Then, Eric, Kenneth and I ended up floating and snorkeling while the rest of the people kept on walking back to the place where we stayed. I got a chance to see little Napoleon wrasse, Snappers under the corals and some other beautiful fishes. Fantastic!

After an hour soaking ourselves in the water, I decided to go back to the place where we stayed. I grabbed my camera and walked on the sand bar as far as I could go. I got plenty good pictures and enjoyed the view very much.

After sun down, all the guys worked hand in hand to prepared the fire camp. By the time the girls finished preparing the dinner, the guys were able to build the fire camp. All were set! We had the most enjoyable time in the world that night. Everyone was happy and slept very well like a rock.

August 6, 2005.
Sunday morning in Ngemelis Island

We woke up and saw a shark. After uploaded our stuffs to the boat, we said good-bye to beautiful Ngemelis Island that morning. Our next destination was Jelly Fish Lake. On our way to go there, we saw a barracuda jumped in the air.
COOL! I enjoyed the boating very much. It was peaceful. We saw a big turtle before we hike to Jelly Fish Lake. We reached Jelly Fish Lake when the sun was up. It was a perfect time to swim with thousand Jellyfishes. I’ve been to Jelly Fish Lake before but still felt excited to see and swim with the Jellyfishes and the babies that day. I couldn’t express in words how great it was swimming with thousands jellyfishes around you. More than great!

From Jelly Fish Lake, we went to Ngermeaus Island to feed the fishes. That was fun! The beach was very beautiful and we enjoyed ourselves there. We only spent time a little while in Ngermeaus then we headed to Fantasy Island to have our lunch there. The white sand was very soft and clean. Mason and his family were passing by when we were swimming around the island. I need to work night shift on that day, so I went home with Mason on his racing boat.


jose28 says:
What is the most economical way to go to Palau from Malaysia.... any idea??? I live in Kuala Lumpur, but before leaving South East Asia in the year 2011 want to visit this place.
Posted on: Apr 22, 2009
bernard69 says:
I'll in 2009 or 2010!!!
Posted on: Oct 17, 2008
ratu says:
Congrats on being featured!
Posted on: May 24, 2008
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