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I´m now on my own. Andy doesn´t have time for a trip to the jungle so he´s now legging it South at some speed. As for me, I´ll be going North to Rurrenbaque by boat through the rainforest and then probably doing a Pampas trip to try to see some jungle animals. From all reports, the beasts I´m most likely to encounter are mozzies; I´m hoping that a sense of determination coupled with industrial quantities of Deet will get me through.  

I´m sorry to see Andy go, it´s been a lot of fun travelling together and I couldn´t help but feel a pang of uncertainty about doing the rest by my self as he got on the bus yesterday. I´ll miss the sharing of the load in terms of sorting out transport, accommodation and food and also the security of constantly having someone that I know very well around.

Travelling is a blur of temporary scenery and people and it can wear you down. Sometimes you just can´t be bothered to strike up a conversation with someone new, beginning the whole: "Where are you going/Where have you been?" conversation all over again. And it´s times like these that it´s great to have someone who knew you at home and knows what you´re about along with you. I know this sounds like laziness, but unless you are a socio-mentallist who just loves to talk to new people constantly, you get worn down by the typhoon of new faces, you can´t help it.

Putting all of this stuff aside - Andy is a good bloke, a genuinely nice guy and he´s been a pleasure to travel with. It´s his almost-constant good humour and refusal to be phased by the frustrations and occasional downright weirdness of travelling in South America that I will really miss. However, I´ve travelled alone before, my Spanish is now good enough to get by, and there´s a certain bloody-minded satisfaction to be taken from doing the journey solo. 

My timescales are such that I can now take my time and rest assured that all the decisions, whether good or bad, rest with me. I think I´m the type of person who prefers it that way.  Now I´m just hoping to recover from my current stomach bug in time to spend three days on a boat. I haven´t eaten for 36 hours - the first thing that´s coming my way after I get off this computer is a big fat chocolate bar: Viva la recovery!     

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photo by: Belluomo