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The immortal sign.

The writing on the metal box reads: “Hello!!! This is Good Toilet.” There is an arrow pointing off to the left. Rebecca, whom I met yesterday in the queue for Indian Visas, and I have been warned what to expect if we follow the makeshift sign. We’re walking in the fringes of Kathmandu, between the burning ghats of Pasupatinath and the massive Buddhist Stupa of Boudhanath.

We venture up the path round to the rear of the Good Toilet block, looking for the entrance. We are greeted by a stench of, to put it politely, raw sewage. Rebecca scurries off quickly, groaning in disgust. I hang around long enough only to take a snap of the first section of the block, not the actual chamber that encloses the legendary Good Toilet itself.

The first chamber of Good Toilet. The opening to the right leads into the toilet itself. Beautiful.

I have to lean around the corner with my arm outstretched to take the picture. This is because I don’t want to tread in the pool of runny excrement that marks the entrance to the block. Yesterday, our Australian friend Katie had been able to venture into this outer room to see the state of the lavatory within. If I want to go in there now, I’d need a full biohazard anti-contamination suit.

In Katie’s photograph, the toilet is revealed in full gory glory. Rising from a pool of foetid water with no outflow, are two foot-shaped platforms. Around them, turds float like stubby brown crocodiles, backs breaking the surface of the filthy water. This is not a place for the amateur Western squatter.

In terms of how not to maintain a toilet, it’s a quite magnificent effort. Rebecca and I leave wondering whether the sign was always meant as an ironic statement or if Good Toilet has fallen from former glories. Either way, I’ve seen some bad bogs whilst making my merry way round the globe, but Good Toilet claims my prize for King of the Stinkers.

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The immortal sign.
The immortal sign.
The first chamber of Good Toilet. …
The first chamber of Good Toilet.…
photo by: sharonburgher