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One diddy bit of the mighty, astonishing, enormous, amazing wonderful, gargantuan, ok - you get the picture, Iguazu Falls.

Look, I can"t be bothered to go on too much about how beautiful, majestic and downright enormous Iguazu Falls are. I may well post some photos at some point so you can have a snapshot view. However, the bare bone facts are as follows: the Brazilian side is good for a panoramic view but the Argentinian side is the one to go for if you don"t have time for both. You get much closer and there is more variety in what you get to see. 

The boat ride (Argentinian side) is expensive (60 pesos - 20 dollars), wet (don"t bother with raincoats etc. you"ll get soaked whatever you wear) and over quickly (10 minutes or so). Having said that, it"s also bloody good fun. Don"t think I"ve missed the opportunity for a boat ride/sex with a hooker comparison joke here.

A bit of the Devil´s Throat. Looks like he went a bit overboard with the mouthwash.
I haven"t - it"s just that my parents read this blog and so I have to keep it reasonably clean. So make up your own jokes you filthy-minded individuals.

In summary - should you go well out of your way to see Iguazu falls? It is miles from anywhere after all (See previous entry - 23 Hrs on a bus etc). Quite simply, a resounding yes! It represents your best chance to witness a volume of moving water tumbling downwards on a scale so vast that is parallelled only by the numbers of overweight, aging tourists in shorts and sandals (with socks) that will accompany you to take in the same experience. Without wishing to sound overly like the cast of some terrible American sit com: it"s awesome! NB. That"s 2 exclamation marks in one paragraph so it must be good.

So go. Do it. You have my permission. Enough said.       

Saladin79 says:
Not really the best destination for me. It's a beautiful place but there are hordes of tourists. My favourite place in Argentina was probably Perito Moreno glacier or Fitzroy National park. But then I also loved Bariloche, Salta and Mendoza as towns/cities too... Spoilt for choice really!
Posted on: Feb 23, 2012
Lucho says:
Those waterfalls are simply amazing. They deserve the title "one of the 7 natural wonders of the world", don't you think?

Would you say it was the best destination in Argentina?
Posted on: Feb 22, 2012
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One diddy bit of the mighty, aston…
One diddy bit of the mighty, asto…
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Puerto Iguazu
photo by: jeffy