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Fancy a brew? Laura and Julian sup tea at the Dead Fish Cafe in Siem Reap.

When I finally meet up with Laura and Julian, it's all a little surreal. The last time I saw them was seven months ago, waving goodbye as I drove away from our share house in Sheffield for the final time. I almost feel a bit nervous, edgy to be seeing them again, sharing a table in a French colonial-themed restaurant, The Shadow of Angkor, in Siem Reap. This is just plain weird - these are some of my best friends. 

Maybe it's because I feel like the two worlds of home and travel are overlapping again for the first time since Andy waved his goodbyes in Bolivia, almost five months ago. Since then, anyone I've met has been a temporary fixture, here and then quickly gone, with few or no expectations of me as a person or friend.

Angkor What? Aha Ahahaha Hahaha! God I'm funny.Ahem.
 I'm also used to a totalitarian regime; on this trip I'm now in charge and answerable to no-one. For the next 10 days though, I'll have to compromise again over the daily decisions, where to eat, what to do etc.      

One thing hasn't changed however - they are as continually late as ever. They bicker playfully about who is to blame for this, but I don't really care if they leave me hanging around for a while. Just at the moment it feels like I've got all the time in the world, like I've slowed down to a comfortable doggy paddle of a pace. It's just the way I like it. Things are about to speed up though; 2 weeks of holiday is not the same as travelling longer-term, there's a lot for us to see and do - and we're damn well going to get through it!

I needn't have worried about banter; we soon slip back into our old roles.

Angkor Wat at Sunrise. Further description unnecessary methinks.
 Julian remains his cynical and amusing self; we are both undoubted geeks for sci-fi, football, sarcasm and random bits of seemingly useless trivia. Seeing Laura again reminds me of my thoughts when I first met her in a Sheffield house share, four years back. At first glance, we seem to have very little in common but, as it turns out, we just get on. She's easy to talk to, quick to laugh and she doesn't hold back when she thinks you need a kick up the arse. In other words: she's a excellent and honest friend.

The two of them are a well-suited and close-knit couple but after only an hour in their company it doesn't feel like I'm a gooseberry. In fact it feels more as if the cavalry has well and truly arrived.      

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Fancy a brew? Laura and Julian sup…
Fancy a brew? Laura and Julian su…
Angkor What? Aha Ahahaha Hahaha! G…
Angkor What? Aha Ahahaha Hahaha! …
Angkor Wat at Sunrise. Further des…
Angkor Wat at Sunrise. Further de…
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