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A little bus, there are tons of these things zooming through the strets of Lima causing a racket.

I´m very pleased you can´t see me now. I´m scarlet from rampant sunburn. Oh dear. I guess that´s Lesson One - don´t underestimate the power of the South American sun. I did, it hurts, I look like someone has slapped me around the face repeatedly with a big fish. I won´t do it again. 

Anyway, we´re here in Lima, after a 23 hour odyssey from Heathrow via Madrid (nice airport, crap toilets)during which we had pretty much no sleep. We were picked up from the airport by the hostel´s taxi driver of choice, Ricardo, who propelled us beeping, singing and swerving through the dark city streets.

The traffic here appears to be a bit, well, mental.

Me. About to become very sunburnt.
There are junctions where the only way to decide who gets across is by whoever gets there first. This leads to a who dares wins situation where everyone sppeds up and somehow avoids slamming into each other. Then there´s the horn abuse. The average Lima driver appears to use the horn approximately five times a minute. This leads to a cacophony that goes on far into the night.

The strangest thing of all though is that, despite the anything goes attitude, the whole traffic system seems to work and, although burdened by lengthy queues, pollution, dust, dirt and constant noise the city (7 million strong) keeps moving.

Lima is merely an appetiser for Ecuador. Tomorrow, after we´re woken early by the noise from the building site next door (strangely not mentioned on the hostel´s web info) we´re hoping to snaffle a cheap flight at the airport, but knowing my bargaining skills the discount will be a big fat zero.

Hola Quito!


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A little bus, there are tons of th…
A little bus, there are tons of t…
Me. About to become very sunburnt.
Me. About to become very sunburnt.
A street sweeper. They wear masks …
A street sweeper. They wear masks…
The building site next to our host…
The building site next to our hos…
photo by: rsvpme