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The steet outside the hostel in Borbon and some kids playing football.

Ibarra is the largest town in Ecuador north of Quito. However, this does nothing to prevent it from being a pretty tedious place. We got gringo taxed for breakfast (50 cents extra each) and Sandra had a blazing row with the cafe owner about whether or not we could have mini sausages and bacon bits with our breakfast. As it turns out, she won and we could. God knows if they flobbed on them or not but it tasted OK to me.

The same cannot be said of Ecuadorian coffee, thus far it has been uniformly crap. Apparently, this is because the export all the best quality beans and then drink the dregs themselves; it seems you have to be Columbian to get the good stuff.

Anyway, after a swift goodbye to Sandra who was off home over the border, we headed west by bus to San Lorenzo.

Golgotha. Enough said.
The four hour bus journey was immeasurably improved by the showing of the modern kung fu classic that is Mortal Kombat. Unfortunately, the finer details of the complex, multilayered (not to mention ass-kicking) plotline were lost on me as it was dubbed into Spanish with a 4 second delay.

Second only to Mortal Kombat in the entertainment stakes was a titanic struggle between 2 goliaths of the  chess world. The 300 school children who crammed onto the bus high in the rainy Andes were fascinated by the two gringo masterminds making each move as if their very lives depended on it. Andy won.

Once at San Lorenzo we swapped buses at the main plaza (a dusty turning circle), legging it across the muddy road to make our connection to small town of Borbon.

I could write loads about Borbon and it"s tumbledown African shanty appeal. I could mention the history of the area, mentioning the African slave trade, eventual emancipation and the obvious continuation of poverty in the area to the present day. However, let"s just put that aside for a second because there was bloody enormous spider in our room that night. Andy wanted to call the thing Sidney.

I suggested Golgotha as it would easily have covered your palm with its fat plum of a body and black hairy legs. It was only after a good hour of quaking beneath my mosquito net under Golgotha"s watchful gaze that I eventually got some broken, sweat-soaked sleep.    





mybu84 says:
yeah, golgoha is a hill where his cross was supposed to be have been placed. I have never heard any living creature being named like that:) but i dont think the spider minded too much:) And i was just wondering what sex you presumed it was
Posted on: Jan 28, 2009
Saladin79 says:
Why? Can you tell that it's a lady spider?

I got mixed up with Goliath. Golgotha is the site where Christ was supposed to have been crucified - it literally means "Place of the Skull" D'oh!
Posted on: Jan 28, 2009
mybu84 says:
do you suppose Golgotha is a female name then?:)
Posted on: Jan 28, 2009
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The steet outside the hostel in Bo…
The steet outside the hostel in B…
Golgotha. Enough said.
Golgotha. Enough said.
photo by: Saladin79