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Ok this is going to be short because I just spent 40 minutes typing and uploading pictures and the internet connection cut out on me.  It's a bit frustrating.   Apparently I have to save my journal entries every five minutes.  So anyhoo - Mom and Martha are out shopping.  Dad and I are at Danny Mann's pub in Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland - I'm on my 2nd pint and it's about 215 pm.  I am going to have extreme Guinness withdrawal upon my return.  Anyway - we arrived safely on Irish shores last Friday.  Our trips through the small towns from Portlaoise to Doolin were wonderful.  We stopped at a lovely pub called ___ (mom will fill in the blank) in Corafin.  It was fabulous.  Martha said it was the best sandwich she has ever had.   Then we left there and got to the Aran View Hotel overlooking the Cliffs of Moher and Aran Islands.  Wonderful little place with lots of charm.  Teresa runs the place and had a lovely disposition.  So did her two dogs - one a border collie and another Max, a St. Charles Cavalier.  The border collie would follow our car all the way out the driveway and bark - I definitely think Jake has border in him now.  :)   Two nights in Doolin and the music was fantastic.  Some great locals with lots of character.  We enjoyed the tunes at Gus O'Connor's and McDermott's and McCann's.  Met a couple of guys - Todd and Danny a/k/a Skylar - two US Army officers recently back from 13 months in Iraq.  They were a blast.  We are off today to Glengarriff and will be there three nights.  Thank God.  Dad in the car requires multiple Guinness following long road trip.

Go Sox.


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photo by: Paulovic