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Jodhpur, the blue city of Rajasthan.



I arrived in Jodhpur after the sunset.  We took a rickshaw to the Clock tower, a great central location, and essential to thwarting commission scams from taxi and rickshaw drivers.  As we stood there, bags in tow, Lucy, our friend from Pushkar, appeared just leaving to go to Jaisalmer.  We exchanged hugs and told her about our camel experiences.  We parted and settled into Sunrise Guesthouse, a clean, simple room with no frills.  Dan spotted a 24 hour internet and we hit it up till about 2:30 a.m.  There was a lack of decent Internets in Jaisalmer, and this was my first chance to connect with anyone, though it was short.

Jodhpur Fort.
  After a late start in the morning, I set off to arrange travel to Agra to see the Taj Mahal.  Dan was internetting.  The train station was a 20 minute walk away, but I wanted to set off on my own.  To some extent Dan and I have traveled inseparably and this was my first solo excursion into Indian craziness.  The train station was a ways away, few spoke English, but I finally found it.  The station sent me to another location for reservations, so I trekked there.  As it worked out the train that day to Agra was totally booked.  I returned to the hotel, where I started, and booked the sleeper bus, 1 person per double bunk ~ a huge luxury especially on a 14 hour bus ride. 

 Much in India seems to return you to where you began ~ almost always leaving you exactly where you started, but with more information.

Inside the brilliantly decorated fort.

 I met up with Dan and we walked to the Fort together.  So much in India is aggravating and frustrating.  The shopkeepers calling out, the rickshaws stopping and asking where you want to go, people begging, cow-shit and garbage everywhere, the incessant horns and traffic.  But as we walked up the steep stone walkway to the Fort, the back alleys and maze of modest sparsely stocked shops, we came upon hoard of 10 or so children; ages 4-12.  They ran up to us with smiles and eyes alight.  I subtly reached to cover my wallet pocket.  Lifting up her arms, one girl said "pick me up."  Obliging, I lifter her into the air as she giggled.  Suddenly we were surrounded, "Me next."  For several minutes, we lifted each child, twirling them, listening to laughter and calls for more.  I was touched by the simple pleasure and laughter.  I walked away with a warm heart as the children laughed and waved goodbye.  And sometimes India can be so warm, wonderful, loving, and accepting. 

The Jodhpur Fort is beautifully well preserved.  For Rs 250 we took a headset and did the self tour.  It is one of the few times a tour involved any real historical information.  Unfortunately, time was limited and we finished with just enough time to return to Sunrise, grab our bags, and race to the bus depot. 

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Jodhpur, the blue city of Rajastha…
Jodhpur, the blue city of Rajasth…
Jodhpur Fort.
Jodhpur Fort.
Inside the brilliantly decorated f…
Inside the brilliantly decorated …
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