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The famous Temple Bar and Quays Irish Pub, Temple Bar Dublin
I stirred in my sleep, vaguely aware of people walking by the window of the flat and the light streaming in through the curtains. Slowly but surely, I opened my eyes and turned and moaned into my pillow. Hello hangover. I turned over to glance at the clock, figuring it was around 10 am. To my surprise and alarm, it was 1:30 in the afternoon! The alarm was set for 1 but apparently didn't go off. I tumbled out of bed and my head started to spin but I ran off to shower and dress. Luckily, I hadn't completely overslept to the point of missing my flight. My flight to Dublin was still hours away. I'd be flying out at 5pm. I still had time to get my bags together and get to the airport.

My stomach was queasy all the way to the airport but it was totally worth it as I enjoyed every minute of my stay in Edinburgh. Thank goodness Phil came along to help me with my bags. I nibbled on some food after checking in my bags and sadly said goodbye with promises to visit again and go hunting for those silly bearcows. Sickness soon turned to utter excitement as I boarded the Ryanair plane heading to Ireland. This would be another first for me.

The plane landed around 6pm and by then, I was all giddy with excitement and glancing at my little brown book for the directions to the hostel. I was feeling much better. Walking through the terminal, I gazed around in wonder. The signs were all half English, half Irish Gaelic! How cool is that? I've been studying the language for a few weeks now and recognized some of the words. Of course, I was all pleased with myself and quite fascinated with it all.

I took a shuttle to the Busaras station in central Dublin and what really struck me during the ride into the city was that Dublin is, in fact, a modern city with more modern buildings, highways, and modern trams. I think I was shocked because after being in Edinburgh among such old buildings, cobbled streets and narrow streets, I expected Dublin to be the same. Exploring the city later on, I'd come across plenty of old buildings but at this point in time, I was still quite surprised.

The shuttle dropped us off at the Busaras station and I immediately pulled out my book to try to find my way to Temple Bar and Barnacles Temple Bar hostel. The directions that I got off the site were a little vague and I couldn't quite find the landmarks it described to get to Temple Bar but did my best. The street signs weren't all that helpful either so I ended up just walking towards the River Liffey and looking for the closest bridge to walk across. I was looking for O'Connell Bridge but ended up walking on a pedestrian bridge further down. Apparently, I have a good sense of direction and actually made to just the outside of Temple Bar without any help before asking someone for directions. The people were super friendly and a few minutes later, I found myself walking on the cobbled streets of Temple Bar with the crowds of people browsing and looking for pubs to frequent.

I passed Temple Bar itself and went up that street to check in at the hostel just a few doors down. So close to everything! I was happy to put my heavy backpack down and settle in. I was starving and my back and shoulders were a little sore but was in good spirits to be in a new and exciting place.

I probably should have walked around a lot more than I did but after getting a quick bite to eat at an Asian restaurant a few minutes away, I was beat and just wanted to call it a night before taking on the city in the morning. Only 1 full day in Dublin to see as much as I can. One day I'll return but for now, I only have 1 day to get a feel for the city and I'll make the most of it.
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The famous Temple Bar and Quays Ir…
The famous Temple Bar and Quays I…
photo by: fransglobal