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The Gang and Phil and Rob singing at Frankenstein's
Well the whole day was spent in bed, watching Family Guy and movies and what-not. I figured I'd rest and relax in preparation for the celebrations in the evening. Phil's birthday and he was planning on going out with friends in the evening, dinner at Frankenstein's and Shanghai Club later on. After walking around like crazy for the past few days and tripping over cobbles, my feet welcomed a day of rest. I really should have brought walking shoes instead of my ballet flats. Next time I will as I do want to climb Arthur's Seat. I'm sure the view is spectacular!

Around 4 o`clock, I finally hauled my ass out of bed and hopped in the shower to begin primping and pampering for the evening. I had that pretty black dress I bought in Glasgow and I brought some heels from home.
Rob and I watching the singers, and Jodie and Serena singing
I probably did overdress for the evening but I didn`t really care. a) I`m on vacation and am celebrating and b) I love dressing up and don`t do it often enough back home.  Frankenstein`s is casual, Shanghai Club is a bit more dressy so it all worked out in the end,  though I kept having to tug the skirt of the dress down a little. It has one of those skirts with an elastic to make it a bit more poofy and fitted and I constantly had to make sure I wasn`t flashing anybody. *chuckles* Oi.

People started to show up around 5-ish and by the time everyone got themselves together, we headed out around 7pm, walking across the Meadows to the restaurant bar on George IV Bridge street. Phil`s flat mates, Uni friends and friends of friends showed up and it really was a fun time.
Adam at I at Shanghai Club and me lost in my own little world on the dance floor
The people were great to talk to and joke with. I`m not the most talkative of people...I`m a listener more than a talker, but I really do love meeting new people. I love hearing peoples`stories and having a good laugh. Phil kept asking if I was alright. I think he was concerned I wasn`t having fun. Quite the contrary actually. I had a great time! I`m not completely introverted and not extroverted either. I`m in the middle. I can talk anyone`s ear off if I get going but I can also be totally captivated by other people`s words.

Frankenstein`s on Sunday evening was fairly quiet. The main floor was open serving meals so we pushed a bunch of tables together and sat down for dinner...or tea. I had a combo appetizer platter which filled me right up and we had a few drinks before heading downstairs for karaoke. Oi! Hahaha. What a riot. Everyone got all in to it which is brilliant. I only got up once to sing YMCA with a few others. Tooo funny. Everyone had fun and there are photos and video floating around somewhere.

While everyone was busy choosing their songs and waiting to sing, I was txting a TravBuddy back and forth, Owen from Dublin who happened to be in Edinburgh on business. We decided to meet up for a drink after he was finished for the evening and were coordinating a meeting time. He ended up showing up with a colleague and we chatted on the first floor of Frankensteins for a bit over a drink. It was great to meet him. Both guys were super funny and it was a real pleasure. I`d be meeting up with Owen in Dublin in a few days time for a bit of sightseeing and pub-frequenting. It was nice that we could meet beforehand.

I forgot that pubs close at 1 so 1 o'clock rolled around sooner than expected, cutting our conversation short. Shame. Owen and his colleague Brian headed off to meet other people and Phil and his friend Adam were heading to Shanghai Club. The others had class early the next morning and couldn't join us. No matter. The three of us would go dancing. (Me? Dancing??? Yeah yeah....I had quite enough to drink by then. There are photos... *shudders*)

Shanghai Club was past Princes Street and it was literally a 5 minute taxi ride to get there. I found it was busy enough for a Sunday evening and we all got right into it. Adam and Phil went to buy more drinks at the bar and I eyed the dance floor. When they made it back to me, we all went off to the dance floor and settled in, putting our drinks on the ledge. They surveyed the area, I got right into the music and was in my own little world for much of the remainder of the night, getting caught up in the rhythm and flow. Fabulous. We were there till closing time.

Adrenaline flowing and still quite wired, I was on MSN chatting with friends for a bit upon returning. We made coffee, listened to music, I toppled off the chair and broke a mug. Oi. Good times. Last night in Edinburgh and it was spent very well. Tomorrow I'd be flying off to Dublin!
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The Gang and Phil and Rob singing …
The Gang and Phil and Rob singing…
Rob and I watching the singers, an…
Rob and I watching the singers, a…
Adam at I at Shanghai Club and me …
Adam at I at Shanghai Club and me…
photo by: vances