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Gate B51 - Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport

My day seemed to crawl, but the final 20 minutes of my shift flew by. There was hardly enough time to say goodbye to friends and give last minute instructions to my bosses and co-workers.

"What time is your flight?" they asked. "7:45 pm," I replied. "Tonight?" they asked, a little surprised to see me still seated at my desk. "Yes, of course tonight," I laughed. "I have to be at the airport at 6:15. It's..." I glanced at the time and it hit me. "...5pm."

Needless to say, my parents picked me up right after work and I inhaled dinner, running off from the table to print out maps and boarding passes and sneaking in a few more farewells before flying off to the airport. I could barely think during that time. I didn't have time to worry whether or not I had everything. It didn't matter really. I'd just have to manage.

I was sure to down a few Gravol before leaving my parents' house. They are already kicking in and my stomach is aflutter. OH MY GOD! I am going to London!!!

The excitement of running around the airport checking in, dropping off my bags and passing through security has subsided. I sit at the gate, waiting to board and feeling my consciousness start to slip as the drugs begin to dull my senses. I don't think I will have any trouble sleeping on the plane, but that's what I thoughgt the last time I flew out to London and took those sleeping pills to knock me out on the overnight. I was wired the entire flight and only crashed 6.5 hours later when I got to London. This time I won't have time to crash. My adventure starts the minute I land so I damn well better have a good rest.

It's strange. I have been waiting for this trip all year and now that it's here, afetr the initial excitement has died, I feel calm and normal. Maybe it's the Gravol numbing my senses, but this feels...natural. Of course I am here. Duh. Did I really think I wouldn't be able to pull this off? Maybe part of me did.

Maybe I shouldn't have eaten so fast. Heartburn. A burning in my chest and a warm fuzziness envelopping me in a cocoon of lovely calm. I don't mind missing the airline dinner. Chicken or beef? Blech. Tomorrow's going to be crazy fun and I need my sleep....

Not long now. Boarding soon enough and then I can settle in for the night. I just have to keep my eyes open a few minutes longer.....

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3 hours and 5 minutes till my work shift ends and the fun begins.

It feels like the longest day ever. For once, I don't have a lot of work to do to keep me occupied. I've already delegated all tasks to the other designers to tackle while I am away for the next two weeks. I'm tying up a few loose ends but other than that, it's sitting, waiting, and wishing...

I'm all packed and ready to go. My parents are picking me up after work and we'll have a quick bite to eat before heading off to the airport. My flight is at 7:45 tonight. I'm excited but I don't physically feel it yet. No increased heart rate, happy giddiness energizing my steps, no wide eyes of wonder and adventure. Not yet. That won't happen until the car pulls in to the airport and I climb out with my big backpack and small carry-on, shuffling through the sliding doors of Pierre Elliot Trudeau airport and heading over to one of those electronic check-in consoles to print my boarding pass. Not yet. But very soon now.

In the car last night on my way home, my father was clearly starting to get worried. Naturally. "You know," he says, breaking the silence. "...next time it might be good if you travelled with one of your friends instead of travelling by yourself again." I chuckled, appreciating Dad's concern. I'd love to travel with others, but unfortunately, it's not that simple. My friends either do not have the money to travel, or have other priorities in life. That's fine. Travelling is not for everyone. My brother likes to travel but he likes to save money for an emergency a lot more whereas I save money specifically to travel and I'll use the money saved down to the last penny to go wherever my heart desires. If I find people who want to come along with me, great. If not, I'm still going. I'm not waiting for anyone as life will pass me by if all I ever do is wait on others. Dad understands my priorities and isn't discouraging me. He'll always be concerned about his "baby". It's his right. All I can do is reassure him I will be fine. I'll be safe. I have a good head on my shoulders because of him and Mom. I will have a great adventure!

I've already said my goodbyes. I've already been given many best wishes and "Bon voyage"s from my family and friends with promises to update this blog and send emails and text messages. They'll live vicariously through my adventures and I'm happy to be the intrepid explorer bringing back word of my travels.

2 hours and 38 minutes and counting.

photo by: cvanzoen