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T-minus 2 days and counting...

Last night I packed and spent the later half of the evening jotting down notes in a little brown notebook I will keep in my purse at all times. Contact info, mobile numbers, flight info, directions, bus routes, travel time, Tube stops for attractions, sights to see and admission...stuff that is always good to know beforehand. My flight is at 9:25am and it takes 30 minutes to get to the airport if there's no traffic and I need to be there 2 hours before departure and no later than 40 mins before departure...this means I have to leave the hostel at...7am to be safe. Some might call me a little too meticulous in my planning, but you know what? I'd hate to miss my flight because I'm stuck in traffic with a ticket that is non-refundable and non-changeable because I bought it cheap online a few weeks before and forgot to add insurance. I'm not one of those travelers who can go somewhere and just "see what happens". I like to think I am pretty adventurous...just not THAT adventurous.

I like to know where I am going, where I am sleeping and how I can maximize my time to make the most of my trip. My day job makes me a project manager. I manage my time. As a solo traveler with seriously itchy feet, I travel like I'll NEVER do it again, soaking up as much as I can as if it will be gone tomorrow. Anyone who would look at my itinerary would thing I'm crazy and that my trip isn't a restful vacation after all as I will be constantly on the move, jumping from place to place. That's where they are wrong. My heart is like a coursing stream when I travel, bubbling forth with passion, adventure and wonder. Wherever I am, I easily slip into the flow and let my heart and my spirit guide me. It's not tiring but energizing. It's not busy, it's taking advantage of any and every opportunity and living life to the fullest.

I am tiring of watching travel shows and longing to visit. My heart literally aches every time I read other peoples' travel blogs and look at their pictures. I need to see these magnificent sights for myself. I need to taste, see, smell, experience it all for myself and not just to say that I did it, been there, done that. It's more about the energy and how that place, that experience makes me FEEL. Trip details might fade from my memory with time, but the FEELINGS attached will never fade. You know that place with that massive hill and the tower at the top? What's it called? Well it enchanted me from the very moment it FIRST came into view and every time I go back, I feel like I am HOME.

So if I need to write down the window of time I have to see the Book of Kells and where to find it, if I have to remind myself there is no photography allowed in order to sharpen my senses so I can really take in and remember the beauty that I will see, I'll do it. I can't miss it. It's not just a book with pretty pictures. It's about the artistry, intricacy, and beauty of the pages that reflect the devotion to God that I want to see for myself. It's about the inspiration that I will take home with me as an artist, inspiration that will somehow be channeled in to my own work. If I have to jot down the directions to the Roman Baths in Bath and how much it will cost me of my budget to visit so that I can bring back a little healing to a friend in need, I'll do it.
Time management doesn't kill travel experiences. If anything, it makes them much more valuable (just leave room for change and be open to change).

Carpe diem.
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photo by: cvanzoen