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The Cheng Yang wind and rain bridge.

I walked down the hill and said goodbye to the rice terraces.  Three bus rides later I was at the Cheng Yang Wind and Rain Bridge, outside the town of Sanjiang.  This is pretty rural ... the buses are smoking and they go through pretty rough areas where the roads are completely unsealed ... the bus was white after the journey from the dust (being the dry season).

I got a room in a hostel by the river quite close to the Bridge.  I'm here to experience life in a Dong (name of a minority tribe) village.  On the surface, the Dong seem quite similar to the Dayaks and Kadazan-Dusun of Borneo ... giving credence that the Malayo-Polynesian people are from South-West China.  Their dance, musical instruments and dress are related.

Over dinner I met a Swedish guy ... we were comparing our luggage and packing ... I was quite proud of my 9 kg.  He had a bit more as he had bought a tattoing machine in Beijing.  He offered me a free session as he needed some practice (... an infection waiting to happen).  He then showed me his DIY pattern on his leg ... imagine tattooing yourself!!!  He's going to meet up with his girlfriend in Phuket ... I think she's going to leave Thailand a completely different person (appearance-wise)!


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The Cheng Yang wind and rain bridg…
The Cheng Yang wind and rain brid…
Last of the summer harvest.
Last of the summer harvest.
The Zhuang costumes and the offeri…
The Zhuang costumes and the offer…
Is that an opium pipe?
Is that an opium pipe?
photo by: halilee