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"Lemang" meets "Lo mai kai" on the grill.

I woke early and left Guilin for Longsheng by bus then transferring to another to the Ping An rice terraces.  I've got a room in the 600 year old village ... mostly wooden houses with some concrete structures coming up ... come here before they tile it over as they do in most of China.

Residents in the village are of the Zhuang minority tribe.  Minority tribes are not considered ethnic (Han) Chinese and have special privileges (like the Tibetans and Uighur Muslims?) ... eg. exempt from "One Child" policy?  The women keep their hair to ankle length and will reveal them for foreigners for a fee (isn't that a form of stripping?).

It is still warm in the sun and right now (evening) it is frigid.

"Lemang" meets "Lo mai kai" on the plate.
  I'm at about 900m above sea level ... a bit higher than in Guilin itself.  The rice terraces are now brown and barren ... due the dry autumn and post-harvest.  The trees are showing a hint of the autumn gold. 

I went for an hour-plus walk amongs the rice terraces this afternoon after arrival ... I hope to do a longer walk to the old villages of various minority tribes tomorrow. 

I missed out on a local delicacy during lunch today.  I've forgotten the name but it is glutinous rice with corn and bacon fired in bamboo shell ... it is the Malaysian lemang meets the Hong Kong yum char lo mai kai

My little family-run hotel offers free internet to its customers :-)   So here I am updating this blog because it is cold and there's nothing else to do in the little village.  It is rather dark and I don't want to go out instead I step into a hole or on some cow patty.

The Dutch couple I chatted to over dinner had to turn back because they couldn't find their way back to their own hotel.  But they also couldn't find the way to the next village which was clearly signposted.  I wonder how the Dutch found Indonesia. 

Anyway, nearly anyone who is white that I've met today is Dutch.  I wonder why?  Maybe they're escaping their winter.


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Lemang meets Lo mai kai on the…
"Lemang" meets "Lo mai kai" on th…
Lemang meets Lo mai kai on the…
"Lemang" meets "Lo mai kai" on th…
photo by: alexchan