A parking ticket in Gottenberg!

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A specky 4 mast ship in Gottenberg's port

We are headed for Oslo in Norway but plan to overnight in Sweden tonight near the border.  It is a Saturday afternoon when we arrive in Gottenberg and in the busy streets with markets and shoppers,  find a place to park.  In the Swedish currency (Denmark, Sweden and Norway each use their own currency) we only have enough coins for 17 mins and only plan to stay for an hour to look around and stretch our legs, so we buy the ticket and display it in the car.  Returning we see we have a parking ticket and think it is for about 400 kroners.  Have no idea how we are to pay it as we will be out of the country the next day.  Drive around to find Posiedon's Fountain and head on north up the west coast.  From the flat lands of Denmark and Sweden we are starting to see hills and trees.

Poseidon seems to be in the middle of road works
  Fjords too.

From Denmark into Sweden we pass under and over Oresund Link by tunnel and bridge, a 16 km stretch in total.  It is the world's strongest cable stayed bridge.  Four sentinels of concrete stand near the centre of the span with 10 cables running each way from each of these posts.  The tunnel is the largest immersed link.  Off the beaten track we see a camping sign near a reconstructed timber house with a grassed roof, part of a museum of life.  The park is closed until June.  Further on we are in fjord country and we reject the 5 star monstrous family caravan park for a 3 star beauty and pitch our tent against a huge boulder ridge.  Oak, beech and fir trees.  Bumble bee drifting around the flowers.  Ask advice from the check in woman on how to pay my ticket and she thinks I shouldn't bother as she thinks they won't make me pay!  Might not be the case as the UK is the only EU country that makes it's inhabitants pay all fines we have been told.  We have started to see warning signs for elk as well as deer.  How exciting, hope we do!  Children play football down on the grassed common area until 10.30pm and it is still light up to midnight as I can clearly read my wrist watch in the tent.

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A specky 4 mast ship in Gottenberg…
A specky 4 mast ship in Gottenber…
Poseidon seems to be in the middle…
Poseidon seems to be in the middl…
Stromstad camp with the boulder ba…
Stromstad camp with the boulder b…
The bridge on the Oresund Link
The bridge on the Oresund Link
photo by: clearviews