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In Pompeii columns stand from a temple

Rain is threatening when we wake in Rome so it is a hurried breakfast, then pack up before the tent gets wet.  The rain begins as we exit Rome via the GRA (ring road) and move towards the Amalfi Coast.  We had intended to take a boat trip out to Capri while there but with poor visibility it seems to not be a good plan.  Glimpse the coastline and continue to our next stop of Pompeii.  There are amazing towns attatched to the steep cliffs and I am sure that the sea sparkles on a sunny day.

On reaching Pompeii we see that it has been raining hard there and there is a bit of localised flooding across the road where we are looking for parking.

The culprit! Mt Vesuvius.
  A guy with an umbrella authoritavely waves me in to a parking lot which we immediately realise is a trap for private pay parking.  Given the rain we decide to stay anyway and don the Dry as a Bone coat and jacket, then wade across the road to the hill climb to the gates of the site of Pompeii.  In 87 AD Mt Vesuvius errupted spewing out cinders, ash and poisonous gasses which killed about 2,000 people in the town of Pompeii.  The excavations began in 1867 and so much has been learned about the civilisation of the time of the erruption as it was encapsulated.  The streets are cobbled with huge stones and there are pavements with high gutters which was very effective in draining away the rain we were getting.  The road way had large ruts carved out of the stones by cart wheels that travelled them for so long.
Large stones used in the cobbled streets, bricks and tiles of a city nearly 2000 yrs old
  There are the famous mummified bodies of the poor people who were asphixiated then burried in the ash and lava, huge numbers of pottery pots for oil and water storage.  Garden courtyards and some good examples of mosaic floors.  We walked to the far limits of the city and along a wall looking at the strategic placement of the town with views across the sea.  There is a virtual maze of streets and buildings and in the drizzle we became lost for a while. 

It was a good place to visit in the rain as it didn't interfere with our visit much and we could see the excellent drainage the town had.  Back at the car the cafe with pay parking place offered free parking if you purchased meals there to the value of about 40 euros.  We had a coffee at a dirty table that we were directed to that still had the remnants of the previous client's meal on it and were going to purchase a bottle of Limoncello, but the proprietor said that we still had to pay for the parking so we declined the bottle and paid the parking and left.  It was still raining so we decided to drive to Bari where we would stay the night after booking a car ferry ticket to Patra, Greece for departure the next morning.

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In Pompeii columns stand from a te…
In Pompeii columns stand from a t…
The culprit!  Mt Vesuvius.
The culprit! Mt Vesuvius.
Large stones used in the cobbled s…
Large stones used in the cobbled …
Huge areanas and temples
Huge areanas and temples
The road to Pompeii
The road to Pompeii
Views over the modern port at Pomp…
Views over the modern port at Pom…
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