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Andrew likes bridges, cathedrals, piers,

Andrew's plan is that I have a lot of driving ahead of me.  His ankle is still swollen but not so bad and the rest in the van might help.  The plan is to make it up to Burg for the night then catch a ferry at nearby Puttgarden the next day to Denmark.  We are using motorways now and the driving is fast.  The countryside flattens out.  Make up breadrolls for lunch in supermarket car park and keep going. 

Arrive in the pretty town of Burg which has quaint cobbled streets though it is not an old town.  It appears to be the windsurfing place to be on the Baltic.  At the camping place the wind whistles and it is very bleak looking.  The signs seem to indicate that the reception should be open but it is locked.

Like Daleks, they gather on the windswept beaches of the Baltic
  We are about to go to the nearby camp when a woman comes to the window, glares at us then unlocks the door.  With sign language we ask for a tent site for one night and she indicates that we can stay.  She proceedes to check us in totally in German.  I listen carefully and know that she is giving us a key for the amenities block as it closes at a certain hour, there is fresh bread available in the morning and there is a restaurant.  The tent is pitched and as we dont have gas yet we go into the restaurant.  It is small, warm and smoke filled.  A young couple make room at their table for us and the clientelle gossips about us?  There is not an English menu so I take a stab at it and end up with two fried eggs and chips!  Apflewein is good- a cider.
Love the patchwork fields
  Three dogs in the small room with their owners and very well behaved they are to.

The young couple tentively talk to us saying they dont speak good English but they are beyond our league as we have no German, so we tell them so and they get better and better as their confidence grows.  They tell us that they are on their Wedding Tour and we congratulate them.  A huge thunderstorm goes over and when we are finished we walk to the end to look at the beach.  Wicker hooded chairs huddle on the beach looking like aliens from another planet but they have a mesh padlock shut across the face so that one presumably has to pay to have them unlocked to sit in.  Perhaps if you anchor yourself in one of these you have less chance of being blown over the dunes!

The amenities block has one of the best set ups so far with each shower cubicle having a dressing room attatched but it a pay for hot water set up and these annoy us so we use the cubicles with the sink which has hot water free and do a complete wash this way.

The busy ferry terminal at Puttgarden
  There only seem to be caravans here and many look like they are left here permanently.  Flags crack at flag poles around the camp.  A young couple with a child and a dog arrive in a small car and proceede to put their tent up right on top of ours even though we are the only ones in the grassed area!  Next morning I pay at the reception with the woman talking solid German all the time.  Handing me the receipt she wishes me a "Guten Fahrt" and I leave quickly before I lose it entirely!

Off to the village of Burg where an event seems to be in preparation as a market is being set up in the square.  We sit at a roadside cafe and have coffe and cake in the sunshine that warms us a little.Realise that it is the annual windsurfing competition this coming weekend and watch the streams of campervans and vehicles pouring in with windsurfers strapped to the roofs.

Me at the Baltic Sea
Puttsgartenis just a few kilometres away and we find that we only have to drive up to the kiosk and pay €54 for two people and a van one way and it is a 45 min trip.  There seems to be a ferry very frequently. 

Drive straight off at the other end and an easy transition onto the expressway.  Signs indicate that the headlights are to be on all the time. 

pacovera says:
10000? Un poco paliza no?, pero bueno si lo han disfrutado, estupendo. Este es un componente mas de los buenos viajes, la carretera. A mi me gusta mucho ir asi, conduciendo yo por todas partes.
Posted on: Jun 11, 2006
clearviews says:
Final kilometres at London on 12th June is 10,000 !!!!
Posted on: Jun 11, 2006
pacovera says:
Al final nos contaras cuantos kilometros hicisteis.
Posted on: Jun 11, 2006
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Andrew likes bridges, cathedrals, …
Andrew likes bridges, cathedrals,…
Like Daleks, they gather on the wi…
Like Daleks, they gather on the w…
Love the patchwork fields
Love the patchwork fields
The busy ferry terminal at Puttgar…
The busy ferry terminal at Puttga…
Me at the Baltic Sea
Me at the Baltic Sea
photo by: stefmuts