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On the plane
I don't know what time it is but I am somewhere over Canada.


I am still sitting on the plain and can't wait to get out of here. It's not like that it isn't nice on board. I had a fantastic lunch (tuna, seasons salad, Enchilada with cream cheese, fruit salad), Australian red wine (2003 Stepping Stone Padthaway Shiraz) and a Baileys on Ice.


During the flight I was watching some movies, also a horror film which I couldn't finish cause that was too disgusting for me.baaahh. The movie is called Hostel.


Its about 3 guys travelling throughout Europe, having fun, getting hammered and looking for hot chicks.

My dessert :)
Due to a recommendation of a Russian guy the three guys went to Bratislavathe, known as the city of willing and horny chicks ;-) After some sex scenes one of the guys disappeared in the night...its a long story but the last thing I remember is that a mad guy was screwing holes into this guys body with a screwdriver!!!!  He was begging to let him go and he said ok, go...ehmm wait a second. He took out a little knife (actually it was a 10 blade) and made two nice cuts right behind his ankles. Baaahh the guy was crying terribly !!! Then he untied the rope and opened the door. "You can go" he said and at the moment the guy stood up you just saw that he had cut half through his ankles and he immediately fell to the floor. That was the moment where I pushed the pause button. My stomach wasn't feeling very well by that stage! I haven't decided yet if I can go ahead with that moviebut will keep you posted!


Another 40 minutes to go before touch down in Chicago yeahhh!


Besides, after a glass of Champaign my stomach is feeling a bit better ;-)

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On the plane
On the plane
My dessert :)
My dessert :)
Thats Greenland
That's Greenland
photo by: mahoney