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I got in to Krakow; my flight was from Munich early in the morning, so I did not get any sleep.  After getting in to Krakow proper, I decided to stop by my university to ask about my housing, I hadn’t received any information yet, just an email from the secretary of my program saying I would be in the same dorm as last year, so I wanted to talk to her and see if I was able to just go there to check in, or if I had to find a different place to sleep.  As I approached the entry to the institute, I noticed two people from my program milling around the front entry.  I don’t know if I mentioned this before in this blog or not, but the group I am in is the first year of this program (so, yeah, we are the guinea pigs).  Now with the new scholastic year starting, we were all “second years” and today was the first day that the next group “first years” was meeting to get orientation.  So a few of us second years joined that orientation so if there were any questions we could tell how it is from the student’s prospective … I decided I would join in too, meaning I showed up with all my luggage and my wild wind-blown unkempt hair (it was really windy in Munich yesterday).  Anyway, after that we went for coffee to meet the first years - only one showed up :| but, whatever.  By this point (4 or 5 PM) I was getting pretty tired, I decided to go check into my dorm.  When I got there, reception was the only thing open, administration was closed for the day, so they put me up in their hostel (see review below).  After getting settled down (I had been awake for about 35 hours at this point) I was about to take a nap when the room’s phone rang.  It was reception saying they found out which room I was to be assigned to, and that if I’d like I can just switch to that room, seeing it was mine.  I figured that was ok, and met my roommate (Emanuele, from Italy) and realized that if I took a nap then (6-ish) I would just sleep through, probably waking up around 2 or 3 in the morning & being off schedule for a few days, so I decided to push myself until a reasonable time to go to bed.  I went and met with a few of my fellow first years, a place where I could check my email (internet takes a while to finally get working in my dorm room … I think it took two weeks this time).  And, by 10 or 11PM, after I had been awake 42 hours, I finally went to bed.


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