"you can change religions, you can change husbands... you can't change contradas"

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inside the duomo
THE DUOMO amazing. so colorful, and we got lucky because when its in use the marble floors are covered, but we were there for the one time of the year that its not so we got to see it. much of the floor has stories carved into it as many were illiterate and this was the best way to explain christianity to the uneducated.

THE CONTRADAS There are 17 contradas that compete during the palio [one in july and one in august] the winner has the right to parade through the streets whenever and wherever for the whole year. it usually goes on for about a week, but sometimes at 2 pm and sometimes at 4 am! do not intrude on their celebrations if you are here during this time--they will not be very happy!

our group got invited to a dinner in the lupa contrada.
lupa contrada dinner
homemade italian food for super cheap and surrounded by native seneses [people from siena in case you couldnt figure that one out on your own]. although there was a little bit of drama. dinner was wonderful and there was music and so we all went to dance, but some of the lupa girls werent so keen on that and pushed one of our girls off the stage! she could hardly sit the next day cos it hurt so bad... but other than that i made some local friends!  and as proof that im learning italian i was able to talk to a few of them. they spoke VERY little english so it was an italianish [or whatever italian + spanish would be] conversation. which is trippy for me to think i can switch between 2 languages, neither of which is english! exciting. :]]]]]] and another person bought me flowers but i have no idea who they were so.
the bella vista! <3
..? so overall a good evening.

i chose the torre contrada in case you were interested :)

THE NIGHT LIFE so basically "night life" consists of buying a bottle of wine and sitting in the campo with friends. i tried to find a club/discoteque and no luck. i was told you have to go outside the walls of siena for that. within siena there was the walkabout pub [which closes at 10...weak!], the irish pub [which we liked], and the bella vista social pub [which has a special place in our hearts as we lived right across the way! wia s. martino.] the BVSP has such friendly staff and interesting  cuban decorations. toto, michele, musa and of course ultimo the dog were so helpful the whole time we were there. there are a few other places on s. martino, closer to il campo, but we never ventured in.

THE FOOD pretty good. better than rome for me but not as good as the cinque terre. you can find 1 Eu pizza thats decent. theres a cute place thats a bar downstairs and restaurant upstairs that we liked. stay away from the campo though, as im sure youve heard. i wish i remembered the streets and names better, but its just as much fun to explore and nothing will be bad.

THE PEOPLE we stayed at la locanda di san martino. when we were there it was basically run by 2 ppl called vanesa and roberto. both were so helpful, the locanda was very clean, breakfast was pretty good--an enjoyable place to be staying. the people around town are pretty friendly if you strike up a conversation. there were a few italian boys that were vulgar but those are the exceptions, and was nothing like florence! if you can get a tour guide, there are so many cracks and crevices that would go unexplored without so i recommend that. ours was called Frederica Olla and she was very knowledgable and extremely friendly! she is the one who invited us to the lupa dinner.

im not sure what more to say, so shoot me a message if you want to know more!
sylviandavid says:
I just read this blog about Sienna.... a fun read... love the way you write! Happy Travels! Sylvia ♥
Posted on: Sep 20, 2010
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inside the duomo
inside the duomo
lupa contrada dinner
lupa contrada dinner
the bella vista! <3
the bella vista! <3
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