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  • Starting Point: Eindhoven, The Netherlands (Western Europe)
  • Destination: Barcelona, Spain (Southern Europe)
  • Distance: 1400 kilometres
  • Date: 31 July 2007 - 16 August 2007

It was a normal rainy day in Eindhoven, cold with temperatures around the 15 degree Celcius when I get started with my journey. It was 31 July when I was waiting under a bridge for the bus with destination Barcelona, Spain. He should arrive on 11:00 pm. But he had a delay because of the bad weather. Finally he was there an half hour later. He arrived beside the bridge.

We arrived in 45 minutes on the border of Netherlands-Belgium. The weather was still bad when we arrived in Belgium. We stopped in Liege where we had a first break to eat something in a restaurant or to visit the toilets there. It was funny because in Belgium the people speak Dutch with a weird accent.

15 minutes later we drove away from the Parking-Place (PP), for a trip of 2,5 hours when we arrived in Bastogne (nearly at the border of Belgium-Luxembourg). When we arrived in Luxembourg you saw alot of bensine stations beside the roads. Sometimes 10 after eacht other in 1 street. Really weird, but the diesel is very cheap there. Dunnow why but it's just a fact. So we stopped there to get some diesel for our bus.

After that we went trough the moutain-country Luxembourg the weather became better and better it was warm with temperatures alot higher then in Netherlands around the 25 degree celcius..... the sun was shining here!! In just 1 hour we became at the border of Luxembourg-France. Our 3th stop was here at the border. On the lefthandside Luxembourg, on the righthandside France. It was a beautiful place there, no diffrent in languages because people Luxembourg speak French.

The longest trip was from the North of France to the South of France... about 800 kilometres. It was already 3 o'clock and people got tired of sitting all the time in a shaking bus. Some people fell in sleep. But i won't sleep because I had to see Lyon. Finally on 11 am we arrived in Lyon. It was dark already but it was even nicer to see the city with all the lights on. Really awesome. There are a lot of tunnels which are very long and very dark. I became tired and i fell in sleep........ Damn it's really hard to sleep in a chair which is shaking all the time... but still it is a nice experience to find out. Suddenly we stopped at 03:00 am. I thought we had an accident but that was not the problem. The chauffeurs had to change from sides. It was a stop of 10 minutes so I went out the bus to get some fresh air. When I came out the bus it was still bloody warm about 22 degree in the night!!!  After the 5 minutes I went back to the bus and we drove away forwards up to the border of France-Spain. It was 5:30 am when we arrived in Spain. From there it was only 137 kilometres away from Barcelona.

Finally I arrived in Barcelona.


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1,147 km (713 miles) traveled
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photo by: fivepointpalm