Day Three ~ 540 Miles

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Flooded creek from heavy rains in Nebraska

We woke up to gray skies and spitting rain, so our rainsuits were an absolute necessity.   We left Topeka and hit U.S. Highway 75 North until it hooked up with Highway 34 West to Lincoln.  We rode in rain for what seemed like hours.  Thankfully, by the time we got to Lincoln, the weather was improving, so we decided to try and make up some lost time by getting on Interstate 80 West. 

Our stomachs started telling us it was lunch time by the time we hit Grand Island.  Also, my feet were telling me that I needed some dry socks.  Nothing is worse than riding in wet socks.  Wet feet usually mean a bad cold and sore throat and that was something that I wanted to avoid at all costs.  We spied a busy truck stop and pulled in for dry socks, food, and gas.

Jan waving "hello" from Highway 2
  In that order. 

A truck stop is a handy place.  Kind of like a small Wal Mart with a cafeteria.   I quickly found some socks in my size.  So I pulled off my boots and wet socks and put on the new, dry socks.  My feet sure were happy about that!  The dining room inside the truck stop smelled like hamburgers and onions.  It was warm and inviting, so we decided to sit a spell in hopes that the rain would completely stop.  We ate lunch and started to get very comfortable.  That's when it gets real hard to get back on the bike.  A full stomach and warm, dry clothes.  Oh, my.  Why won't the rain go away?  We had no choice but to load up and get on down the road.

Highway 2 across the sand hills of Nebraska
  Actually, the rain wasn't falling so hard now and we were staying dry.

The night before,  Jan and I had decided to hit Highway 2 just outside of Grand Island.  It looked like a good road on the map and we were right.  No traffic at all.  Actually, no houses or people either.  We were riding along like the only four people in the entire world.   We were right in the middle of the sand hills of Nebraska.   All the farm houses were built out of sight behind the hills for protection from the high winds.  This day there was no wind.  We were lucky.  Only us and the BNSF Railroad.  Burlington Northern - Santa Fe.  Mile after mile.  We rode along all alone with the train lumbering down the tracks beside the highway.  Highway 2 across Nebraska has to be one of the best motorcycle roads in the entire country.  I would recommend it to anyone.

The gray clouds were breaking apart, revealing a blue sky.  We rode all afternoon on Highway 2, enjoying the peacefulness of our surroundings.  The ranches are so vast, almost beyond comprehension.   By late afternoon we reached the town of Alliance.  We knew that it would be dark if we tried to go all the way into South Dakota, so we decided to stop for the day.  It was a good idea.  There were several good motels to choose from as well as several nice restuarants.   The Holiday Inn Express looked almost new.  It was clean and offered a good variety on their breakfast buffet.    Tomorrow ~ South Dakota


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Flooded creek from heavy rains in …
Flooded creek from heavy rains in…
Jan waving hello from Highway 2
Jan waving "hello" from Highway 2
Highway 2 across the sand hills of…
Highway 2 across the sand hills o…
photo by: esterrene