Day Nine ~ 358 Miles

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Laramie, Wyoming, is a shopper's paradise with something for everyone.   It seems that I am always looking for that "something special" to remind me of our travels, and on this trip I hadn't really taken an opportunity to find it.  No worries.  Main Street, USA, would serve as the perfect remedy for that little problem.  Randy and Jerry knew that the very best place for them would be one of the benches along the sidewalk on both sides of the street.  Where's a girl to start?  Art galleries to tee-shirt-shops and everything inbetween.  All I needed was two hours and a credit card.

By the time I had loaded up both arms and made arrangements for everything else to be shipped back home, the cold morning temperatures had warmed to a more tolerable level.  We rode I-80 East to Cheyenne then turned south on Highway 85 into Colorado, where we would side-step Denver and, hopefully, the traffic.   Our descent from the Laramie high plains and an elevation of 7,200 feet was now taking us across the Kansas prarie.   Feedlots full of cows and more cows.  Thousands and tens of thousand.  All standing in a huddled mass, patiently waiting for their ride to the slaughterhouse.   I don't care to ever come back this way again.  Once is enough.

We rode east until the sun started sinking low in the sky behind us.  Colby, Kansas, would be our resting place tonight.  We were again thankful for a day of blue sky and bright sunshine, but especially thankful for a safe journey.

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