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Why is it that I never pack until 4 hours before I need to be leaving for the airport?  If it's just a weekend trip, or a trip for work - that's easy.  But when I'm leaving for 10 days in a country where I have no idea what the weather will be like - I end up turning my entire closet upside down!

I know it's the rainy season, so I've packed all of my atheltic performance clothing that will dry quickly if caught in some sudden showers. 

Cheap poncho from the Target checkout - CHECK
Benedryl cream- CHECK
Immodium - CHECK
98% DEET bug spray - CHECK
Shorts - CHECK
Tshirts - CHECK
Jeans - CHECK
Sweatshirt (I know it's summer, it's Central America, I'm crazy) - CHECK
OLD running shoes (not the good ones) - CHECK
Socks & underwear (just like a 6th grade Christmas) - CHECK
Minimal make up (powder, mascara, chapstick) - CHECK
Washcloths that can be left behind - CHECK
iPod with audio books for bus (easier than carrying real books - is super for audio books) - CHECK
Camera - CHECK
Extra batteries for camera - CHECK
2GB media for camera - CHECK
Toothbrush/toothpaste - CHECK
2 sets of contacts and solution - CHECK
Glasses (just incase) and case - CHECK
Waterproof sports watch (with alarm) - CHECK
Mix of 'magical pills' (tylenol, advil, benedryl, sleeping pills, vitamins, perscriptions) - CHECK
Envelope with exit funds (so I don't spend it on souveniers) - CHECK
Envelope with tip for tour guide (again, so I don't spend it) - CHECK (s/he better be as good as I'm expecting!)

Is that it?  I think so?!  I know the minute I get down there I will be thinking "I wish I packed <insert item>"

Throw the bag in the car, get 3 hours of sleep, meet mom at the airport for her connection from Minneapolis into Atlanta. 

I'm really looking forward to the trip, in reading the initerary - it should be super!  Plus, it'll be a great expereince for mom since she doesn't travel much and she was SO excited to get her passport.  I'm hoping it's not too third world for her.  I know it will be fine for me and Bev - we've seen a lot, but should be a good time for her!

OHHHH - before I forget (because I've been standing at the Delta International Check In desk before with out it ...) PASSPORT!  Throw it in the bag - NOW.  Gotta run!

Check in for more later .... 'tata

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photo by: vulindlela