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Dave, Keishia and the Cookie Monster

So it's only just the start of week three, but it feels like we’ve come a lot further. It's been a long, hard two weeks and this next week is set to be harder still. I taught my first elementary class this morning, and, it went surprisingly well... Another S+ under my belt! I managed to nail my 'teacher language' to the point that even the Elementary students who can barely speak a sentence could understand and follow me. I was impressed, and so was my new tutor, Berneetia so it seems. She is a hard lady, and that's no understatement. Her constantly moving goal posts and abrupt manor can be hard to interpret. But I just keep telling myself (and everyone else on the course, who are finding her equally difficult) that she knows what she is talking about. I mean, this is 'the famous Benita Cruickshank' after all! She is good, and I think I can just about see through her thick outer layer, but she doesn't make things easy for you - but then I guess that’s the point.

Moto lights

For the last few days, and no doubt the next couple of weeks too, my thoughts have been drifting to life after the course. Keishia and I are planning a road trip. Plan so far is to buy a motorbike (it aint gonna be no vmax though!) and drive up the coast. Hopefully meet up with Dave and Mel in Nha Trang and properly chill out for a while - boy are we gonna need it when were through with this. Then just carry on driving, further up the coast, inland to the mountains - god knows, but it'll be fun that’s for sure. Keishia has been to the Nam before, so she has some good ideas of places worth a visit. Anyway, I should stop thinking about this shit and keep my mind focused on course.

Missing everyone at home. Mum, Dad, Jamie, Rory and the crew.
Love you loads


kirkie49 says:
From the sounds of your diary so far, seems like a good decision you made Tom! It all sounds so different from the world of IT that's for sure. Mentors like your Benita know their stuff and encourage you to work at your best level...... keep smiling!

Motor bike trip sound cool, but needless to say - TAKE CARE!!

Hello Keishia (waving!)!

with love and hugs from your mama xxxxx
Posted on: Oct 30, 2007
Shakey_Jakey says:
Yo Tom! (...or is that the infamous Mr F through the wall?) Great to hear things are really working out on all fronts. As it's English you are doing I'll point out the mistakes as I see them (so what's new - nothing!) - "when were through with this" is we're ie: we are abreviated....just thought I'd point that out! The whole thing sounds like you have it taped Tom - cool. MissU loads. Busy this end, start new job next week but am on contract to a House of Lords committee this week for a vid edit which is.....interesting! Needs must. Anyway, just back from The City & gotta get editing for a cut to be picked up at 2pm tomorrow. Speak soon. All my (our) love Dad x
Posted on: Oct 29, 2007
gringostarr says:
Hey Tom...

Glad to see you are making good progress through the course. So this is week 3 of 4 then? Almost there then! And you're planning a trip after this finishes...any news on if, where and when you might teach after that?

So from my end, enjoying brasil but its a lot different from last time. Toby, Maya and I are working like dogs, but playing hard on the weekends. Still have never seen someone work as hard as toby, we're talking 80 - 100 hour weeks! Missing Lily a lot as well...can't wait to see her when I get back.

Sorted the next little chapter in my life as well at the weekend. I've found the PERFECT hideout in the alps for the winter: a guy has a lovely room in a shared apartment, that is in a great spot (up by le tour), ski in and out, as well as already kitted with net access etc. Bottom line: I'm paying 1k for the entire season!!!!! thats 5 months, starting mid december. So my plan is to go back and forth as I feel like, and not make a big deal out of it with the boss. Should be cool. Now Rory has problems with his car and insurance etc I'm trying to talk him into going to Cham and finding a job for the season as well....we'll see if the litle bro gets it together anyway.

Thats about it from my end. A hard week ahead followed by some well deserved beach action.

Keep well litte bro. Loads of love. Jamie x
Posted on: Oct 29, 2007
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Dave, Keishia and the Cookie Monst…
Dave, Keishia and the Cookie Mons…
Moto lights
Moto lights
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