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Dave, Mell Ian and the guy from Blue Dragon - Friday night.

didn’t actually have my assessed teaching yesterday as the timetables all got shifted around. Someone hasn't turned up for the course - who pays the best part of a grand and doesn't show up!?! It was today. I was a nervous wreck all day yesterday and this morning in preparation. Keishia came over to my hotel last night and went through my lesson plan/notes with me. OK, so I didn't get the early night that I was hoping for but boy did it help. Realised I had forgotten loads of stuff and didn't have some of the handouts I was going to need. Learned a valuable lesson too - if your going to set some exercises for your students to do, and the one I was told to use came straight out of the students book we're working from, make sure you do it your self first. One of the questions was worded terribly and hardly made any sense. Ended up tipexing out loads of bits so as not to confuse the students.

Anyway. I was second up for teaching this morning (2 x 40 minute lessons). Was really nervous when I first got up infront of the class, but I started off with a gentle introduction - told them a bit about me and some of the people around me (friends, family etc - that was what I was going to be teaching them about so it seemed like a good idea). 2 minutes into it the nerves went. The students seemed to be genuinely interested and were able to follow me with out any problems. All in all, the lesson was a success and I'm really pleased with how it went - as was my tutor, Simon. Obviously it wasn't perfect and there are loads of things that I know could have been done better. But that's how it's supposed to be. I had loads of really positive feedback from my fellow trainees and from Simon. Grades are either S-, S or S+ (S = standard - ie, on track). They grade you for about 8 different areas of teaching. I got all S's with two S+'s. I rekon that probably sits me in the Pass B category. (Final grade is either Fail, Pass, Pass B or Pass A - it's about 3% of people that get a Pass A!!). If I work really hard, maybe I can get the A, who knows. I don't really care at this stage anyway. It's about development. I'm working as hard as I can and I get what I get.

They just gave me my next lesson outline (I'm teaching on Friday morning next) and I feel much more confident about how to go about it - planning, preparation and execution.

CELTA aside, I'm still loving it here in Saigon. Oh, Keishia is one of the people on my course - who I have taken a real shine too, as has she to me :) We get on really well and are really similar in loads of ways. Enjoying spending time with her :) (Keishia, if you’re reading this... I'll just stop there!)

Still suffering from tiredness a little. And lack of fruit. Gonna try to find a dragonfruit shake after I finally leave ILA tonight (ILA = the school). Been here almost 12 hours today already for gods sake!

Took my first ride on the back of a motorbike yesterday - fun, but just a little on the scary side. I'm considering hiring a motorbike for a while but I think I might end up killing myself (sorry Mum!) Its one thing being of the back with a Vietnamese guy who knows the way of the roads here... I think it's something else trying to do it myself. All about eye contact. And listening out for the beeping of horns - the rule here is, smaller vehicles find their way around the larger ones. I compare it to the swarming of ants! (I took a video clip earlier and will post it up when I get a chance).

OK. Just realised I'm writing a bloody essay here.

Tam Biet!

rory-kp says:
Sounds Wicked Tom.... Miss you lots......Little Bro xxxxx
Posted on: Oct 18, 2007
kirkie49 says:
Love reading your updates! Sounds like your getting into the swing of things but hey, take care with the bike thing! Eye contact and horns....right!? Like the sound of Keishia, she sounds cool....
Posted on: Oct 17, 2007
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