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Stomach bug almost gone now. Finally. Was it something I ate? Probably. It's kinda hard to be careful about what you eat here though. I mean, you could pay 40,000 dong (about £1) for a meal, and be fairly sure(ish) that it's going to be OK. Or, you could pay 10,000 dong (about 25p) for an even bigger, better meal - Vietnamese style. The locals eat it, so it can't be that bad. And I think it's good to try and build up some kind of tolerance (and spend less), although I do wish I hadn't had to have been on the toilet every few hours for the past few days. Enough about that though.

2 days to go - and I am counting. 3 days actually, but my last teaching session is on Thursday morning and after that I can just switch off! Mondays lesson went down a treat with my tutor. At the time, I thought it was a shambles and thought I had seriously screwed up, but my tutor had other ideas. OK, some things weren't perfect, but you’re never going to get everything perfect in a lesson. The important thing was that I managed to take on board the comments from the previous lesson, and act on them, and put those things I had got so wrong right. Another S+ in the bag :) It was quite odd though. I went from S+ last Monday, to a fail last Wednesday (my first fail of the course), back to an S+ again on Monday. It think that I was on such a high from passing the Monday with flying colours (my first elementary class) that I just abandoned the procedures and thought I could just do my own thing and do OK. And I did do OK, but the CELTA is all about procedures. Procedures, ticking boxes, jumping through hoops, and 'following the methodology'. Don't get me wrong though, the methodology is good, and the procedures are there for a reason - they work. If I can deliver another lesson like Mondays on Friday I’m sure I can come out of this bastard with a B, and that would be an achievement for sure.

OK, this next paragraph is to satisfy my Mums thirst for info on my lovely new girlfriend, Keishia. Hmm... Ok, she's 19, she's from Torquay and she's very beautiful! She likes all the same kind of things as me... music, playing music (the piano) travelling etc etc. We get on like a house on fire and things have just clicked. I don't know what else to say really. I love spending time with her and can't wait to get out of Saigon and spend some proper time together, alone, and CELTAless.

It's really strange that this is all coming to an end though. The workload is slowly easing off and free time is starting to become more than just a figment of my imagination.

A few more hurdles to jump over yet though. First things first, we need to sort out a motorbike. I have my heart set on a Minsk, but I keep getting warned off them. People in Saigon just don't like them, but if you were to go to the North, the people would be raving about them. OK, so they are possibly not the easiest bike to drive around Saigon with. For that, you want a crappy Honda Wave. But we want to take it into the mountains. And I'm pretty sure that a Honda Wave is not going to cut it with two people and luggage. And besides, I just hate scooters. Always have done, always will do. There are other options though. I have seen a few other little Hondas that might do the job OK. A couple of Yamahas too. Oh, for those that don't know - In Vietnam, anything over 125cc is illegal! Gonna go looking on Thursday providing this darn rain stops (supposedly we are just coming out of the rainy season, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at the sky these past few days).

Then there’s the work permit issue. Although we have a few leads to follow up on that.

Then we need to find a job! But that won’t be hard. And if can get our work permits sorted in good time, we should be able to land a job at ILA and (hopefully) still be eligible for a 50% reimbursement on our course fees – now that would be nice.

OK, just realised that I’ve written a mini-essay once again – sorry about that!

L8rs all,
Love to you as usual.


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