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The guy opposite our usual morning taxi pickup spot - he's always there!

woohoo... my first S+ (above standard lesson).
I was really pleased with today’s lesson, and so was Simon so it seems. I know there are still problem areas that I really need to work on - specifically my 'teacher language'. They want me to try and dumb down my language a lot more, pause more between instructions and check with the class that they understand exactly what it is that I want them to do, after setting up every single task. I totally understand why, especially since I'm going to be moving on to elementary students next week (these guys really need simple, scripted, clear instructions - the intermediates aren't so bad because they are actually pretty good at English already). I really need to get this nailed. It just feels a little unnatural, and I get worried that the students will think that I think they are idiots by doing that.

Rough and ready tree climbing.
I know that's not the case though really. Simon does it to us when he takes our afternoon session, and we don't think that he thinks we are idiots! But the lesson was definitely a success. The students enjoyed it. They learned quite a bit, and I had loads of good feedback from everyone.

I'm not teaching tomorrow (since I did it today) so I get to go next door and observe the elementary class for the first time. I'm looking forward to it. I've heard a lot about the class from the other 6 teachers on the CELTA, but just can't quite picture it. I'm glad we get a chance to observe the class and see for ourselves before getting thrown into the deep end and being asked to teach them. I think it's going to be a very different experience, and to be honest, I'm not looking forward to it!

Saw a man climbing up a huge tree out of the window of our classroom today. Kinda tree-surgeon-type-work, bit with the bare minimum of safety equipment - was fascinating to watch. I took a photo actually; I'll try and get it up here in a bit.

Just about getting over my nasty cold/flu thing.

Anyway. Enough. I got a lesson to plan!
gringostarr says:
Well, one things for sure...your spelling seems to be improving! :) Good to see you getting so stuck into it...sounds like you are enjoying it bro. xxx
Posted on: Oct 23, 2007
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The guy opposite our usual morning…
The guy opposite our usual mornin…
Rough and ready tree climbing.
Rough and ready tree climbing.
Tree climbing - as seen from our c…
Tree climbing - as seen from our …