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First day of the CELTA today and I'm bricking it a little! Didn't sleep a wink last night and feeling very tired now (school starts in just over an hour). Yesterday we did the pre-course induction. A 4 hour, fast paced stint where they told us everything about the course, and everything else! A lot to take in. I think I'm starting to understand the constant usage of the word 'intense' that is used to describe this course. They set us our first written assignment (due in in one week) and introduced todays TP (Teaching Practice) session.

First thing I have to do today is to teach a class of 12 intermidiate learners. Doing a memory game - you know the one you played when you were young... Lay out loads of cards on the table face down. Two learners take it in turns to turn over two of the cards. If they find a pair, and they can say the words correctly then they pick them up and get another go (I have to help out and try and help with pronunciation). If not, the turn them back over and the other has a turn. The cards contain variations of some irregular verbs. Base form and past simple variation. eg. 'be' & 'was', 'saw' & 'seen'. I think it's gonna be OK. There are 6 teachers with 12 learners. We are all teaching 2 learners at the same time for 20 minutes. Once the 20 mins is up we swap and teach a different 2 learners. So after an hour and twenty mins I would have done it 6 times, and the learners would have done 6 different games (other teachers hacve different games to play). There are actually 12 people on the course with me but we have been put into two different groups for the duration.

Gonna be interesting!

Other than that, the past 2 nights have been great fun, again. Day before yesterday I went out for a meal with all the people from the course, and on to a club. Another 4 o'clock stumble back to the hotel! Some really great people on the course. Think I have made some good friends already :)

OK, I really got to go... too much to do. Over and out.

Shakey_Jakey says:
Yo Tom!

Cool start - the deep end is always interesting! Great to hear you have met some good guys....head down (not too many 4am staggers home). ENJOY!
Dad x
Posted on: Oct 15, 2007
kirkie49 says:
sounds like in at the deep end.....

you'll be great!


Posted on: Oct 15, 2007
gringostarr says:
hello little bro.

good to hear you are settling in and enjoying the trip. keep up the posts...its nice to wake up in the morning to tales from afar.


ps - i got all worried yesterday about the auction...bumped it up and thought i might win! thank god i didnt :)
Posted on: Oct 15, 2007
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