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Everyone has their opinion on how to live life.  Some are more practical, sticking to their profession, grinding it out day to day for their paychecks and their health insurance benefits.  My parents were these types.  They are of the baby boomer generation and grew up under the morals of their parents which were to work hard, have kids and live a good, normal lifestyle.  There were never many surprises.  Sure, we took the occasional vacation.  My upbringing was quite normal and I consider myself quite lucky to have my parents and the friends that I have.  Yet, I wasn't at all surprised at my parents' reaction the other night when I told my parents of my desire to leave the country for a while.  My Dad, largely silent, made little to no response.  My Mother on the other hand displayed immediate reluctance.  The next day she told me that she didn't think I should go.  While their opinions won't sway my decision to travel, I still have my own doubts.  Perhaps it's because I've been thinking about my next trip for such a long time.  It's been nearly five years since my European backpacking trip (which was only about 2.5 months of travel) and since then I have settled into a nice comfy routine.  It's hard to break routines, even for someone like myself who welcomes change and who loves to travel.  It's as if I'm not even sure what I want anymore.  My reasons to travel now are more out of my own desire to break this routine, not so much out of really having a strong desire to see the region of SE Asia.  Don't get me wrong, however, because I do have interest in the region.  My small amount of experience with the region has been enough to make me want to go back, but somewhere inside me I am fighting to understand exactly where my life is headed.  Forever single, without a mortgage and or kids, I feel complete freedom.  Yet the pull of a good job and financial stability has lead me to deeply consider my actions.  Quitting my job will be a huge event for me.  I've been employed for four straight years with the same company and for me that's quite a lot of time.  Opportunities are endless and that's what is so exciting about the idea of traveling again.  Some nights I think about these things while trying to fall asleep.  It's a process for me.  I'll have several more blog entries before I have this all ironed out.  
ladyluck13and7 says:
Yeah it's a big thing to consider. I empathize with you about quitting a good job and the such.

My parents were quite big on careers and financial stability, but there is a part of me that wished I developed more skills than simply being able to write a proper term paper. I was and still am miserable at school, and I wish I had traveled more. Oh well.

Travel involves sacrifice for sure.

Take care
Posted on: Aug 01, 2010
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