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Today is when the teams split. The North and South teams ride together for a week and split less than a mile away. We all take a right out of lodging in a double pace formation with North on the left and South on the right. At the next stop sign, North turns left and South turns right and doesn’t meet up again until D.C. I picked up Eric, who was taking pictures of the split, and got a riding buddy for a little while. It gets lonely being on the side of the road all day by yourself. While we were driving out, we saw a large object in the distance that seemed to be slivering. We both thought it was a snake- a GIANT snake... but as we drew closer to it, we realized that it was just a momma duck with her little babies. We both could have sworn that it was slivering!! We sooo got duped by ducks! After we set up roadside, we played "hit the thing" which is where you place an object pretty far away and try to hit it with rocks. We come up with some really clever games (and titles) while we're out on the road. We had a great dinner with the local Lion's Club. They treated us really well, as they always do. After dinner, Ken, Billy, and I went out to celebrate Billy's 22nd birthday. Eric and Combs (the project manager) caught up with us later on that night. The only thing opened in this town of 4,000 was a casino. So we went and had a fun time for a little while. We got back pretty early because we have a 4 AM (for me and Combs, 4:30 for cyclists) wake up the next day!

CindyLC says:
No pictures of the ducks!?!? :-(
Posted on: Jun 22, 2006
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