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Today's ride was another nice one. The team moved really quick and made it in good time. While I was on roadside, a Pi Alpha's dad stopped by and gave me a $100 donation! We had an arrival to a FV that had a lot of media. I talked to a reporter from Stone Mountain (right next to my hometown)! For dinner, we had an amazing FV at Leslie Lawner’s house. I had such a great time talking to Sheena. Sheena is deaf and so it was really the first time I could use my very limited knowledge of sign language to talk to her. We all played volleyball and I would sign about the things that were going on around us. If I didn't know how to say something, I'd spell it out and she'd teach me how to sign it. It was so much fun! I introduced her to the guys that were around, spelled out their names, and told her a little about them. We both had so much fun signing, playing Vball, and laughing. That night, we all walked to a restaurant called Farley's which ended up being around two and half miles away! It was a decent hike, but it was definitely worth it!


The next morning started with a visit to a therapeutic horse riding facility. We took a tour and were given rides if we wanted. Therapeutic horseback riding is an alternative therapy for individuals with a range of physical, emotional, cognitive, and social special needs. Because riding is a very physical activity children and adults with special physical needs and various physical impairments can benefit from riding. Just like physical and occupational therapy, horseback riding uses movement as a primary means of therapy, however because the act of riding a horse is so unique many people feel that riding, combined with other therapies has a great effect on students because it fills a niche in the therapeutic needs of the individual that other therapies can't. There are so many more reasons for riding, so feel free to ask! :) I chose not to do the whole horseback riding thing because of the whole horse allergy that would have made the ride quite unpleasant. When we got back, Combs noticed that me wheel was flat. So during my 4.5 hours of free time, I was on the phone with Enterprise figuring out what they'd do, I went shopping for groceries (8 meals), I cleaned out my food coolers, and I get ice and water. "Free time" indeed- such is the life of the Crew Chief.
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photo by: X_Drive