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Today’s ride started with racking the entire team up 30 miles (because we had to get through some interstate). The remainder of the ride went very smoothly. When we got to lodging (high school gym), there was a track right next to us. The obvious thing to do in this situation is to get onto the track and prove that you are faster than everyone else. Sure enough, six guys raced and Nathan Kress walked away the victor. For dinner and the next morning’s breakfast, one church would sponsor dinner while the other would sponsor breakfast, and they would alternate every year. Since I was here three years ago, this year’s meals were reverse. Both meals (both years) were quite delicious. I also met a couple who’s from Marietta (suburb of ATL)! It’s such a small world. That night, I went out with some guys and hung out at the restaurant/bar. Since I haven’t been getting much sleep, I went home early for bed. I generally sleep close to the door because the Project Manager and I have to get up the earliest (30 minutes before everyone else). This night was no different; I slept right next to the door. The only difference was that I was awoken by a really bright light. I looked over at the door and it was a person with a large flashlight. At first, I thought it was one of the cyclists coming in from the restaurant/bar, but as the person approached, I realized that it wasn’t anyone from the team. After I made a sudden movement from being startled, the shadowy figure moved right next to me. It turns out that it was a cop patrolling the area and he was wondering what I was doing there. I gave him the Journey spiel and he asked me from whom was I given permission to sleep in the gym. I told him I had no idea and that our PM knew and I could try to find him if he wanted. He told me that wouldn’t be necessary and just walked out. While I was asleep later that night, someone walked right by me; I woke up, freaked out, and asked  who it was. It was a cyclist this time. Duped by a cyclist. At least it wasn’t a duck.

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photo by: dravendc