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Ok the last few emails have been so quick that I realised I have forgotten quite a few things, so here goes....

I lost my thin fleece....I had it round my waist and hung it on the back of the door to go to the loo and left it there :-(

my toilet bag fell out of the truck and my shampoo bottle got punctured and my conditioner exploded all through my toilet back :-( was a right mess.  I had to wash my whole toilet back and the entire contents of it and wash my hair then and there cos the conditioner was too good to waste!

I have been carrying makeup woth me the whole time especially for zanzibar but forgot to take it there!  what a wally...at least I used it on the booze cruise night.  On that night two girls on my trip nearly got attacked by crocs cos they decided to wrestle a bloke into the water as we got of the boat.  the locals went beserk and pulled them out of the water screaming about crocs! It was v funny tho in our tipsy state...although one of the girls scratched her shoulder and knee and is going to say a croc did it!!

I currently have no tent buddy.  My first one, Gill was only doing a 18 day tour so she finished and I was sharing with Michelle but when 3 new girls joined our tour in vic falls she decided to ditch me and share with one of them instead...maybe I smell??

last time I was on the internet at Vic falls I realised I was feeling a bit airy around the backside and my skirt zip had broken exposing my butt to the world...lol.  I turned the skirt around to walk back to camp with my bag over the hole :-(

we had a girls night out in livingstone and got v v drunk drinking a combo of vodka, gin and apple sours out of a bucket...it tasted like apple juice so we did a lot of dancing...I have some great photos....

I finally bought a new watch today...it is a kiddie one and purple but only cost me $1US...bargain!!

I used my mozzie net for the first time at vic falls...yay, thought it was going to be a complete waste...but I was lying in my bed trying to sleep and one mozzie kept divebombing my ear so my net to the rescue and I ended up getting a great night sleep.  I used it the next night too :-)

also must say about the wet sarong...my tour guide bex said at Kande beach in malawi...it is a wet sarong night.  When it is too hot to sleep with covers you take a wet sarong to bed to use as a sheet...it is heaven...try it at home :-)

ok that is all for now.

Love to all, miss everyone.

Love Fiona xx

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photo by: jeffy