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Injuries....I took another chunk out of my toe in Cape Town.  Different toe but all three foot injuries have been to the same foot!  I am so unco :-(

I didn't manage to lose anything else but did leave quite a lot of stuff behind in Cape Town (clothes and toiletries) because I couldn't do quite enough magic to get it all in my bags to get it home :-(

ok after Springbok we went to Fish River Canyon which is one of the largest canyons in the world.  We did a 3km walk around the top and took pics. It was really pretty and seemed quite big to me but people who has seen the Grand Canyon said that was more impressive!

After that we staying in Bethany at a lovely farmhouse kind of place for two nights (in a bed!).  It was surrounded by orchards and near a river that you could swim in and ride the rapids in rubber tubes...great fun.  I even managed to fit in a yoga session on the grass outside the house one morning which I was well in need of.

After that our last stop before Cape Town was Stellenbosch which is a wine growing region.  It is very pretty and what did I do there....went on a wine tour!  We went to 4 wineries Simonsip, Fairview and 2 more that I can't quite remember but that must have something to do with the wine :-0.  Fairview make cheese too and I ate loads because it was really delicious.  And we had a lovely lunch on an alfresco area overlooking the vinyards and mountains at one the vinyards I can't remeber the name of.

And my last stop was Cape Town...I manged to fit in loads of stuff whilst I was there...

  • Hiking - Devil's peak, Lions Head and table mountain
  • Yoga - 3 classes (Bikram, Ashtanga and Power)
  • Tourist stuff - Waterfront, SA Museum, Robben Island (where Mandela was held in Prison), Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope and the Penguins at Simon's Town.
  • Visiting - my great Aunt whom I hadn't seen in 16 years, two friends that I met in London in 1995 and hadn't seen since and I met my cousin's husbands sister and her daughter for the first time.
  • Shopping!!  I was so excited to see some shops after 3 months of not a lot :-)

I loved Cape Town.  It is similar to Perth in a lot of ways, climate, outdoors lifestyle and activities, quite clean and modern.  Although Perth has nothing that compares to the shared cab experience in Cape Town where you flag down a mini van, find out where it is going and then the driver takes off before you are even seated and the door is closed!  And can fit you and 6 other people in the van even when it looks already full.  And you only pay 20p for the privalege!!  I love a bargain and it was an experience.

So I am actually home in Perth now and it is cold and rainy and the airline lost my bag with all my clothes in it (I had checked in another bag which I did get but that had spices form Zanzibar, my going out clothes and my presents in it only!).  So I have bought some toiletries, borrowed a jumper and am headed down to Margaret River today to see my Grandma and other family which I cannot wait for.

Hope everyone is well.

Love Fiona x

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Cape Town
photo by: v10