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Hi All


Injuries to report....I took a chunk out of my foot with a tree stump trying to put my tent down one is healing nicely now though, also a few scratches from sandboarding.


Losses - my torch to replace the one I broke is now lost!  Oh well I am not camping anymore so I won't need it anyway.


Breakages - I have a black spot (maybe sand) on one of the lenses on my camera so all my pics are going to have a black spot on them, v annoying, my shorts have nearly split in the bottom :-0, there is a small hole in my pillow so by the morning it is nearly flat :-( and last night I snapped my comb whilst combing my hair...grrr, lol


Ok so after Etosha, we went to a Cheetah park.  The cheetahs in Namibia are annoying farmers by stealing their livestock so one farmer captures them and keeps them on his property.  He also has 3 cheetahs living in his back yard that he has raised since they were born and they are like pet dogs.  The rest of our group went in the see them but I was too scared :-(


After leaving the Cheetah Park we had a long drive day and someone decided it would be less painful if we drank...all day.  So we had a huge party ont he truck, dancing, music.  Our tour guide started a food fight because instead of stopping for lunch she started handing out rolls and throwing boiled eggs around the truck...very funny but the truck was a bit of a mess by the time we got to Swakopmund where luckily it was being cleaned!  On the way we saw the Cape seal colony.  Som of the cubs were new borns and still had there eyes was v v smelly there though.


In Swakopmund we had a bit of a party too, staying in dorms instead of camping which was great and I went sandboarding (standup like snow boarding), sky diving (for the 2nd time and it was much better than the 1st time) and quadbiking, which was alright but the other two activities were better.  We did get an awesome view of the dunes though as we were rasing over them.  I also went shopping...yay and got 3 new tops and a pair of shorts for $35 US...bargain :-)


In general...Namibia is the land of sand....I have had sand all over my body (ears, face, nose, mouth) and in all my clothes (when I took them off to have a shower I could have started a beach!), in my tent, in my bed, in my food and cup of tea......I am now TOTALLY OVER sand, lol


After Swakpomund we went to Sessirem which is know as the arm pit of Africa cos it is hot and smelly.  We were lucky it wasn't so hot but it is in the desert and there was sand blowing everywhere (in the tent, food, etc).  We got up at 4.45 AM to climb up sand dune 45 and watch the sun rise over the dunes which was beautiful...I have some great pics which I will upload when I get home because the internet here is so slow and expensive :-(


I also did a desert walk around an area that gets filled with water every 10 years or so when it rains in between the dunes to make lakes.  In some areas the dunes join together and the water can't get through so there are just limestone flats with dead acacia trees that are up to 600 years old!!  Amazing.


I am now in South Africa and only have 4 days until the end of my tour :-( I am looking forward to some time on my own....and seeing Cape Town but also a bit sad to be leaving the tour group.  I am also v v excited about coming home :-)


Love Fiona xx

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photo by: valerie