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Thankfully no more losses, breakages or injuries to report.


The Ngorongoro crater was amazing.  It was formed when a volcano that was bigger than Kili blew up then imploded and is now a conservation area.  We saw loads or elephants (only males though because there are no females in this park), zebras, giraffes behind some mist which was v cool...I have some great photos but nowhere to upload anything atm :-(  Also saw a hyena that I am sure was about to give birth, warthogs, baboons, one baboon got into one of our four wheel drives that was empty but with the windows open and when the driver tried to chase it off, it turned around and ran after the driver bearing it teeth...v scary, I was screaming a lot then laughing cos it was v funny!  Also must have been love in the air in the park that morning because a lot of the male animals rose to the occaision...and we saw 2 lots of zebras fighting.


After the crater we had 2 long drive days... a bit boring but both campsites that we arrived at 4ish in the afternoon had swiming pools and the one in Dar es salam (the capital of Tanzania) was right on the beach.  The water at the beach was so a warm bath and actually much warmer than most of the showers I have had in the last 2 Dad I think even you would have got in the water!!


So after that we got the ferry over to Zanzibar.  We had one night in Stone Town and had to cover up as it is a v muslim area.  I went on a snorkelling trip and saw Nemo!!  So exciting as I went snorkelling in Thailand 20 times in Nemo areas and didn't see a single it was great to see one in a random place here.  After that we went to Prison Island which was never actually used as a Prison due to a disease breakout but is now home to a large group of land tortoises.  They were huge, a grown man could easily ride one of them.  They were eating cabbage and looked like there teeth were very sharp.  Very interesting.


After that we went to check out the night fish markets for dinner.  The seafood here is amazing and quite good value although not a good as Australia :-0 I had some prawns and some kingfish and a chocolate pizza (really a pancake/crepey thing) for dessert...yum yum and only cost me a fiver....bargain!


The next day we went to Nungwi (North beach) where it is awful...there is nothing to do but lie on the beach, drink cocktails, go for a swim, eat seafood, get a massage, get a pedicure and did I say swimming?  As you can imagine...I am hating  It is the best and this is def what I came to Africa for :-)  I did go big fish fishing but sorry to say didn't catch a did not even a nibble.  But I did have a lovely sleep on the boat :-0 I partied a little to hard the night before so was feeling a little worse for wear.  The sea was a bit rough to begin with and I really thought I was giong to make burley but managed to hold it togther until the sea calmed down and I went to sleep for the next 3 hours.


Right well i am off now to get the last bit of sun for the day before I leave Zanzibar tomorrow :-((( v v sad cos I will be out of a bed (the last 4 nights have been in a bed, and back to my tent, itchy).  I am off to Malawi in a couple of days...through another game park and then to Lake Malawi to work on my tan for a bit longer.


Take care everyone and hope you are well.


Love Fiona xx

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photo by: tirsomaldonado